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haier introduced the first homekit portable air conditioner

Yesterday, Haier announced the official access to Apple Homekit smart home platform, and launched the world’s first support Apple Siri voice control Homekit smart portable air conditioner.

haier introduced the first homekit portable air conditioner

At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference last year, Apple launched the Homekit smart home platform and hardware vendors in batches to open, trying to get involved in the field of smart home. Haier became the first access Homekit platform, the only one Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises, the Haier introduced Homekit portable air conditioner is also based on the platform. According to reports, at present most of the smart home products are controlled by specialized applications, different brands have their own operating platform, which leads to the user through different applications to control different devices. The Homekit portable air conditioner to solve this problem, when users install Homekit portable air conditioner, iPhone, iPad and other Apple products will automatically find Haier portable air conditioner equipment and match the connection. After connecting the user through the iPhone, iPad and other Apple products to adjust the portable air conditioner operation mode, wind speed and temperature, but also through the Siri voice dialogue to control. For example, as long as the user presses the Apple phone home key, say “too cold”, Homekit portable air conditioner will automatically increase the temperature.

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