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haier intelligent portable air conditioner through the network security identification: the international leader

August 21, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications held in Beijing technical appraisal will be from the China Information Security Evaluation Center, the Ministry of Public Security First Institute, the National Internet Emergency Center, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other six major institutions of experts, Haier U + smart home System security technology and its application in portable air conditioner and other smart home appliances products for technical appraisal. The expert group identification, the technical achievements for intelligent portable air conditioner and other products to provide overall security protection, to the international advanced level.

haier intelligent portable air conditioner through the network security identification: the international leader

At the appraisal meeting, Haier comprehensively introduced the U + safety project implementation situation as well as this project establishes the intelligent home security system. By the independent research and development of Haier “end to end overall security system”, according to intelligent portable air conditioner products such as the use of scenarios and system characteristics, from the APP, cloud, network communications, equipment modules set four levels of security control measures to achieve a comprehensive non-dead Of the overall security status. Through systematic technical solutions, smart home will boost the field of security upgrades and technological change.

It is reported that Haier in the industry first set foot in the smart home, and the first to build an open U + intelligent life platform, and the formation of smart air conditioners and other appliances based on the scene of the smart ecosystem. Intelligent portable air conditioner, for example, Haier portable air conditioner the first layout of intelligence, but also the formation of the most intelligent strategy map. From 1998, the world’s first telephone remote control portable air conditioner, the first thing portable air conditioner, Timor bottles days bottles and other series of intelligent portable air conditioner, 2015, the first release of the wisdom of the air ecosystem to the 2017 cold years to enter the era of large data intelligence, Haier portable air conditioner is always Maintain the leading position and continue to lead the industry’s intelligent change. According to the National Information Center data show that sales of Haier portable air conditioner, sales of the two indicators are more than 60% share in the first place, the entire cold years to maintain sales of intelligent portable air conditioner market first.

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Based on Haier’s intelligent air ecological circle, Haier takes the lead in building the portable air conditioner industry’s only large data platform, accumulating data has exceeded 40.7 billion, is to meet the user’s multi-dimensional product demand through intelligent linkage. At present, the data has covered the world’s 29 countries and regions, 443 domestic cities, 63,483 residential areas, up to 10 million daily upload data. On the large data platform, Haier and the China Meteorological Administration released the first map of air quality and developed five portable air conditioner large data maps, such as installation, binding, malfunction, function and air quality, so as to obtain users’ demand accurately, user experience.

Intelligent air ecosystem-based intelligent terminal products and users together to form the most valuable information network, Haier for the network security protection has become a top priority. Haier independent research and development “end to end overall security system”, so that each Haier intelligent portable air conditioner terminals can achieve the overall security of the operating state, security equipment and information security. Earlier, Haier has just won the Wi-Fi Alliance set up a smart home standards and certification of the working group – HE MTG vice chairman of the post, U + security system has been incorporated into the international mainstream standards union.

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