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Haier Ali smart together for sale customized version of intelligent self-cleaning air-conditioning

To the annual Catwalk 6.18, this year to create a cat to “upgrade from the consumer economy to the fans economy,” the 618 super-fan carnival. Haier together Ali intelligence, will be released in 6.18 fan carnival customized intelligent self-cleaning air-conditioning. This is the two sides last year, following the introduction of Haier Ali Superman portable air conditioner series, once again to the layout of the sub-crowd intelligent custom market.

6.18 is the young people’s event, there is no lack of brand launch custom products to draw the target crowd, this smart self-cleaning portable air conditioner for sale purposes, but also to young people to bring more and better choice. Haier intelligent air-conditioning, according to the relevant person in charge, the new subordinate small Superman series, the new application of Haier’s self-cleaning technology. Dedicated to solve the dirty lung portable air conditioner secondary pollution indoor air problems, a key to complete the heat exchanger deep clean. Different from the manual cleaning time-consuming and laborious, self-cleaning technology is not only cleaner and more thorough, and easy to save, fully in line with young people’s living habits.

Insiders pointed out that with the consumer demand for personalized highlight portable air conditioner, Haier self-cleaning technology has greatly satisfied the user’s health calls. From January to April, the price of household air-conditioning down the decline in the price, the Haier self-cleaning air-conditioning sales rose 90% monthly chain in the market response is very good. It is worth mentioning that, in the first product catalog, Haier selected the first number of products, a total of 17 products on the list, all of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, AQSIQ three ministries jointly publicity “energy efficiency leader” Application of self-cleaning technology.

Mobile terminals for young people sticky high, fast-paced life characteristics, this intelligent version of Ali intelligent self-cleaning portable air conditioner intelligent advantage is also very prominent. From September last year, Haier and Ali cooperation specifically for 25 to 35 year-old young users to conduct research and analysis, launched a small Superman series, has been 7 products. The series of air-conditioning products, including smart-free operation, sleep, energy saving, personalized custom, etc., including the most practical 8 smart scenes for young people to provide intelligent air experience; and intelligent control technology to fully replace the remote control operation, Young people can completely get rid of the remote control, but also remote control, a key appointment, a home can immediately enjoy a good air experience.

Through cooperation with Ali intelligence, Haier portable air conditioner intelligent life ecology of the connotation of further enrichment, and greatly broaden the online sales channels. “Ali intelligent platform user traffic for the custom version of intelligent self-cleaning air-conditioning sales provide a powerful help, and Haier portable air conditioner will rely on its Internet factory platform to provide users with high-quality, intelligent customized products.Cooperation for both common smart home Strategy and then a son. “Industry observers pointed out that the cooperation between Haier and Ali intelligent interpretation of the Internet open and win-win model, the effective activation of smart portable air conditioner in the young user groups in the new volume market.

June 18, the user log on to the official flagship store Haier Haier, Haier portable air conditioner flagship store, or download Ali Smart APP, can order this custom smart self-cleaning new products and Haier portable air conditioner Ali intelligent models other 7 intelligent products.

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