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Middle East businessmen see the portable air conditioner self-cleaning “bath” at the Fair

Incredibly, portable air conditioner was able to clean up dust yourself! “At the opening of the April 15 119th Canton Fair site, the show from portableairconditionerac.com portable air conditioner clean air dust from the front of the TV video screen full of people, one of the Middle East and abroad for fresh platinum debut Fair in the portable air-conditioned self-cleaning showed strong interest in portable air conditioner “bath” of the entire process filmed using a mobile phone.

Through communication, the Middle East businessman, comes from Iran and abroad, he has been for several years at the Fair, each participant portableairconditionerac.com is his emphasis on the object. For this experience feelings of self-cleaning portable air conditioner, he said, the Middle East all year round high temperatures, portable air conditioner usage in local people’s homes is very high, usually summer long boot, and many local family members in general, healthy air is particularly important . In the field, he learned long periods of cleaning air conditioning inside hazards, portable air conditioner in the full view of the “bath” after the video, said excitedly:. “This It portable air conditioner can help us solve a big problem.”

haier 8000btu portable air conditioner

It is understood that in recent years, exacerbated by fog and haze, but also sparked concern about indoor air quality, maintaining clean portable air conditioner has become the consensus of many people. However, according to company staff on-site introduction, many users still mistakenly believe that regularly wash the filter will be able to play the role of clean air, in fact, use of portable air conditioner fine dust will be deposited on the filter through the heat exchanger, long-term breeding of bacteria mold fouling will directly affect the health of the air.

To solve the problem of portable air conditioner heat exchanger cleaning, the company’s R & D team after 340 days, the 33 kinds of interactive programs by 517 times to test different regions, the introduction of the final product can be self-cleaning portable air conditioner. This unique technology allows self-cleaning heat exchanger icing frosting, then the expansion force generated by the rapid defrosting, peel strength dust and dirt on the heat exchanger, so as to achieve the air inside clean as new results.

It is because of maintaining the continuous technological innovation on the smart portable air conditioner in the form of weak international economic situation to achieve the 2015 sales increased 4-fold, 24 are exported to overseas countries contrarian rosy. 2016 first quarter sales data show that It contrarian growth in the European portable air conditioner market 21% share of the local market in the Russian stormed the top two, and up 13% in Pakistan, 10 consecutive years.

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