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portable air conditioner and health

Late autumn in October, the country staged a day of varying degrees of haze, which also indicates that the official arrival haze worst-hit season. Coupled with the fall of the temperature difference between day and night, many people choose to close doors and windows to prevent indoor air contamination and kept at room temperature.

Doors and windows closed, indoor air may not be safe

Close doors and windows to prevent indoor and outdoor gas exchange leads to haze into the room, but not absolutely safe. Air everywhere, even if doors and windows closed, indoor air can not flow, can lead to severe indoor air quality is affected. Indoor air cleanliness decline, breeding of pathogens, coupled with indoor fumes, smoke gas, formaldehyde, etc. can not be discharged, indoor air cleanliness worrying. In such an environment, it is prone to respiratory disease, especially prone sensitive elderly, children suffer more.

Indoor air pollution real culprit appeared invisible

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency estimates, the severity of indoor air pollution may be higher than outdoor air pollution 8 times. “Life Times” Comprehensive America a number of studies, summarized 13 unexpected indoor air pollution, including shower, printers, scented candles, dryer, moldy plants, knickknacks, basement, non-stick, detergents, carpet , cosmetics, furniture, showers, accessories …… but just missed the point, that is air-conditioned.

As we all know, air conditioning air filter dust and bacteria breeding ground, the need for timely clean-up, but the portable air conditioner heat exchanger to clean up the fact that little is known about. Experiments show that, three years is not deep cleaning of portable air conditioner, 72 hours will be able to blow moldy rice for 10 hours will blow black white towel. This is the source of all comes from the accumulation of dirt caused by long periods of cleaning, bacteria heat exchanger. So then the indoor air clean, lurks the danger of secondary pollution, threatening human respiratory health.

haier 8000 btu portable air conditioner

Portable air conditioner health in order to effectively avoid indoor air pollution

To maintain the air “clean”, in addition to replacement of items to eliminate indoor air pollution, the use of a certain amount of purification equipment outside air-conditioning heat exchangers for air pollution caused by more should pay attention. Thus maintaining clean air-conditioning heat exchangers, air-conditioning in order to ensure the health, so as to effectively prevent secondary pollution of indoor air.

It is understood that It’s unique self-cleaning portable air conditioner cold expansion technology, rely on an expansion force generated when the condensed water freezes frost 960kg, cm2 strong peeling dirt on the heat exchanger, and has a large amount of water, rinse fast, strong anti-bacterial Features curb the growth of bacteria inside the portable air conditioner, indoor air effectively avoid secondary pollution. Especially the emperor bottle-conditioned, it is “one of the empty net,” not only the internal heat exchanger can be self-cleaning, and air conditioning without running the air purification capacity can reach normal operating professional level.

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