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To host environmental portable air conditioner “bath” has the knack

Air contains a lot of dust, if the work a long time, it will affect the function of portable air conditioner and refrigeration, so we have to regularly clean the air conditioner filters, portable air conditioner to host “bath.” Cleaning environmental portable air conditioner host not just, oh, it must have know-how. The correct cleaning method, it will not affect the function of the portable air conditioner!

1. You must first disconnect the main power supply portable air conditioner to avoid power was misleading, resulting in unnecessary danger, but also to open the control panel.

2. The filter medium is screwed down, and lift the filter, the filter unit by pulling shading, remove the filter.

3. Remove the eight carefully filter the water soak, then rinse. Note: The water pressure is not too high, so as not washed out the filter; do not put any chemicals to prevent corrosion filter.

4. Take a plastic bag to trap the fan, access to the water spray pipe, mouth wash, backwashing with water sprinkler pipe; and the host of the bottom with water rinse basin.

5. You cleaned eight filters Refit host.

6. installed, reconnect the air-conditioned environment of the main power supply, 5 minutes before you can perform other operations.

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