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haier portable air conditioner industry in march will start a new global brand section

Now, a reference to the home appliance industry, people associate the most is the price war, but now has a set of data has aroused the concern of the industry. According to the National Information Center data show that Haier portable air conditioner within 12 months of new products listed 88% contribution rate, the proportion of new products accounted for sales higher than the industry average of 32%, ranking first. From the appearance of view, Haier days platinum, emperor bottles and so on to the nest and circular appearance of the industry to identify the degree of portable air conditioner, from the functional point of view, Haier days bottles, Jin platinum and other health and intelligence has also brought experience. In March of this year, Haier will launch the global brand festival, the introduction of days bottles, platinum days, platinum and other representatives of the new Jin hundred smart new products for more consumers to provide a healthy and healthy air experience.

Previously, household electrical appliance enterprises are going it alone, do everything possible to sell their own products, but the Haier portable air conditioner global brand section is another way. Haier portable air conditioner joint home appliances, home improvement, building materials, entertainment, fitness and other partners, using the “whole industry, the whole region, the whole ecological” mode of cooperation to provide consumers with one-stop shopping experience. By then, consumers in the shopping at the same time put the whole home appliances to buy.

Experts in the industry view, the global brand section is not only Haier portable air conditioner on their own technological innovation strength of a “parade” type of concentrated display, it is all-intelligent portable air conditioner strategy of landing practice. Since the beginning of the implementation of the wisdom of the air ecosphere strategy, Haier portable air conditioner and hundreds of millions of users on the Internet into one, through interaction and large data analysis, just two years, Haier launched a healthy air technology, including days bottles, platinum platinum portable air conditioner, Air-net 2-in-1 technology, the new Imperial bottles of portable air conditioner and the application of self-cleaning technology Jin platinum portable air conditioner precision poke in the user point of portable air conditioner explosion burst.

haier 12000 btu portable air conditioner

Now, after the implementation of all-intelligent portable air conditioner strategy, Haier portable air conditioner will provide users with intelligent products from intelligent products to the whole process experience. Self-cleaning portable air conditioner, for example, according to the use of portable air conditioner, it can automatically analyze the degree of cleanliness of the evaporator, and automatic cleaning portable air conditioner, a fundamental solution to secondary air pollution problems, to ensure indoor air health.

In the portable air conditioner market by the incremental market into the stock market context, the upgrading of consumer upgrading of consumer structure to become a new growth channel. In the new user needs under the guidance of change, portable air conditioner enterprises to speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading, Haier portable air conditioner with smart, health and other areas of the layout of the early access to first-mover advantage, the industry from “selling temperature” to “sell comfortable life” New stage. The Haier global brand section of the main push smart new home appliances, will further enhance the popularity of smart portable air conditioner speed, for the industry into the tonic.

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