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Haier interpretation of all intelligent portable air conditioner

Whether from the policy-oriented or market response, the home appliance industry’s hottest word is “smart”. Sporadic participation from some enterprises, to the smart home explosion, has experienced a short “barbaric growth”, the industry has become increasingly stable platform for a stable period. The simple remote control of this “light intelligence” and the concept of stir-fried practice, has been unable to meet the user’s all-round, depth of intelligence needs. Because of this, Haier in the global all-intelligent air-conditioning layout, in terms of industry and users, is a landmark change.

Technological innovation to follow user needs

In the world, “innovation is the primary productive force” has become the industry consensus. Especially in the Internet technology fueled, based on tools and features of technology innovation has shown a “quantum” fission speed, industry transformation and upgrading of the cycle significantly shortened, the level of leaping, intelligent portable air conditioner is a microcosm. From the intelligent point of view, intelligent portable air conditioner has been controlled from the remote control of the traditional stage of mobile remote control of the “machine intelligent” stage, the development of active portable air conditioner services, intelligent detection, active reminders, self-improvement to improve the environment, Human-computer intelligence “stage, this stage of the leader, it is Haier portable air conditioner.

The acceleration of technological innovation has promoted the rapid increase of the level of productivity, but also inevitably accelerated the speed of “value decay”. In other words, technological innovation is only a means rather than the purpose, blindly pursue innovation is easy to fall into the quick success, innovation and innovation, and even speculation concept, creating a gimmick of the cycle. We should see that all products are in essence to serve people, technological innovation should return to the nature of man. The trend then changes, but as long as the user needs always adhere to, innovation can be in the right direction and not deviate from the track. Haier all-intelligent air-conditioning to allow users to participate in the whole process of intelligent R & D, manufacturing, sales, logistics, services and other sectors, is also to follow the user needs.

From a single product to an all – ecological system: the whole process experience

In Yee monitoring data show that in the first half of 2015, the number of intelligent portable air conditioner products increased from 63 to 241 models, turned 4 times. National Information Center released the “2015 Frozen Year Intelligent portable air conditioner Market White Paper” also pointed out that smart portable air conditioner sales and sales increased by 173.5% and 98.44%. It is not difficult to see that the domestic smart air conditioner market is ushering in a new eruption period.

In fact, Haier R & D in 1998, the world’s first telephone remote control portable air conditioner, portable air conditioner in 2010 the world’s first things, to Zhengzhou, Jiaozhou Internet factory production, and then to the development of intelligent service standards, Haier portable air conditioner has formed intelligent products, Logistics, services, the whole process of intelligent layout. The introduction of the all-intelligent air-conditioning is a comprehensive upgrade from a single product to the whole ecological system, and further to meet user needs to provide comprehensive, deep environmental support.

Benefit from the Haier layout intelligent portable air conditioner, the user will experience in all weather to provide a full range of Haier portable air conditioner intelligent air experience. When the home air pollution exceeding the standard, days bottles, platinum and other full range of intelligent portable air conditioner will automatically detect, remind, and since the linkage of air cube, purifying cube and other products, automatic removal of contaminants; for adult males, females, the elderly, children and other groups, Self-cleaning portable air conditioner will automatically detect the degree of cleanliness, and self-cleaning, and always ensure that the air home health; Haier (self-cleaning air-conditioning, portable air conditioner, portable air conditioner, Intelligent portable air conditioner can self-learning habits of users, record energy consumption analysis and self-adjusting operation mode, to achieve energy saving, intelligent air service. In addition, based on the Internet factory, users can participate in the whole process of portable air conditioner design, research and development, production, logistics and other aspects, and real-time view process. At the same time, Haier good air cloud based on large data technology can automatically adjust the portable air conditioner energy consumption, optimize the comfortable operation mode, and electronic service housekeeper, instant service platform and other intelligent services also fundamentally solve the portable air conditioner service to worry about.

Not long ago, the national implementation of the supply side of the reform strategy, in essence, is to guide the industry from the macro to user demand as a foothold to promote the upgrading of consumer demand structure. Specific to the development of air-conditioning industry, is always grasp, to undertake user needs, a comprehensive intelligent universal. In the just-opened United States Refrigeration Exhibition, Haier carrying days bottles, platinum and other full range of intelligent air-conditioning debut, turn all intelligent portable air conditioner out of the layout of overseas. It can be said that Haier portable air conditioner full smart portable air conditioner layout is the implementation of national strategy, but also in the user demand-oriented industry under a change in 2016 will be worth looking forward to the year.

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