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Gree or will be included in the Meizu intention to force the mobile Internet

A century of gambling, not only to Gree and millet in 2014 topic diminished, and now let a low-key business has always been a Meizu also toward the stage. Recently, Gree shares Meizu news spread like wildfire, Gree has not yet officially vocalized, but has been with the Gree camp with the Meizu in Zhuhai to the cusp.

Meizu Technology Chairman Huang Zhang announced in 2014 will be financing 1 billion yuan, and said Gree and other giants have great interest in Meizu. Such words were interpreted by the market for the Gree and Meizu capital marriage is staged, Dong Mingzhu deliberately joined the yellow chapter to suppress Lei Jun. Although only a yellow chapter of the words, Gree and Meizu marriage is covered with a layer of mystery.

February 12, the reporter interviewed to Gree, an executive, the person said, Gree and Meizu cooperation is currently no exact news. It is learned that Huang Zhang has been in private contact with Dong Mingzhu. Meizu Zhuhai office building appeared in a welcome Gree leaders come to the signs, Gree part of the executives or visit Meizu. On the same day, Gree Electric closing price of 31.08 yuan / share, up 3.88%.

Gree executives visit Meizu office building

Both sides or into the negotiation phase

Meizu founder, chairman Huang Zhang recently appeared in high-profile, announced this year will be financing 1 billion yuan, although it is now Meizu stage “not too bad money”, the word between the line to the outside world to convey Meizu and Gree between the “unusual” Relationship.

It is reported that Huang Zhang argument is not groundless, after its Dong Mingzhu has been a private meeting. Industry speculation, with the Zhuhai enterprises are with the Meizu Gree on the financing matters to contact.

Industrial economic commentator Hong Shibin that Gree and charm together is very likely. “Gree is sprinting two hundred billion yuan target, but the current air conditioning is difficult to achieve a single category, Gree trying to find a breakthrough point vertical, diversified channels to get through, looking for more cross-category, looking for more types of support partners.

For the main product air conditioning growth has slowed the Gree, the market around whether it reached the ceiling of the debate has never stopped. In fact, Gree has quietly started in the field of diversification, looking for profit growth point.

It is understood that in Dong Mingzhu for Jinghong refrigerator endorsement, Gree this year or will be a merger of a washing machine brand to expand the white industry chain. And the mobile Internet to bring the rapid development of the payment industry, mobile terminals have become the goal of Gree is aiming.

In the millet to set up electronic payment company news came the same day, Meizu Technology Chairman Huang Zhang announced the comeback. This time Huang Zhang comeback is not accidental, following the announcement of financing 1 billion yuan, the yellow chapter against the old low-key style, high-profile to the world announced to investors open mind.

There are precipitation but missed the rapid development of the industry Meizu, but also clearly feel the mobile Internet era, the value of mobile terminals show. Huang Zhang frequently high-profile debut, it is intended to use capital strength to the Internet marketing thinking mode, in the mobile terminal re-force round. The two strategic fit and demand, so that cooperation possible. But with the Meizu in Zhuhai and Gree, so that both sides have a natural marriage advantage.

However, the actual, with the Meizu rumors are not Gree, ZTE has also become a member of the list of potential investors. Gree has never been a positive response to this matter, after all, what kind of investors will eventually introduce Meizu, there are still large variables.

Or shares Meizu

Gree is the meaning of mobile Internet

Over the past year, Gree has been widely used in the field of diversification. Has set foot in the refrigerator, air to water heaters, water purification equipment and other white and small household electrical appliances, self-built channels, and once again eyeing a well-known washing machine brand. Recently, Gree is on the line of their own mobile web site mobile phone network, sales patterns to the Internet thinking changes obvious signs.

“3C field is still unfamiliar to Gree, such as Gree really take Meizu, the phone is just the beginning, Gree is more concerned about the mobile Internet terminal.Geli interested in the future of the mobile Internet era game, find the bridge.” The industry believes that

In the PC vertical and horizontal Internet era twenty to thirty years later, the mobile Internet and home Internet has come or is coming, and mobile phones become the core of the family Internet, the whole category to control.

Hong Shi-bin said that the five years is the biggest turning point for business and Chinese entrepreneurs, emerging things continue to emerge, Gree or through cooperation with Meizu, Meizu into its home Internet to start the “key”, completely tripped pure 3C industry, The original product competition system, bringing the whole industry changes. Gree aimed at 3C, not simply in the increasingly fierce competition in the mobile phone industry to expand, but rather interested in mobile Internet mining profit margins.

camping portable air conditioner

However, for the positioning of professional refrigeration enterprises in terms of Gree, has been diversified to expand more around the home appliance industry chain, Dong Mingzhu has never given up the principle of specialization, whether it will easily enter a strange field also need to think carefully, not overnight.

Household appliances industry observers Liu Buchen that Gree category to expand from the functional products to digital products, the possibility of crossing is not. To Gree’s Internet thinking, so that products through mobile phones to control, to achieve the home Internet, obviously there can be more and better way of cooperation, but not necessarily through the shares Meizu. At present, Gree and Internet companies are more in the channel, the current Meizu terminal market share is limited, is not the best Gree cooperation “candidates.”

At present, millet has begun to enter the payment industry, the Internet business thinking can not be underestimated, but the Meizu is still behind a bureau, great trend of the West. Data show that the end of last year millet MIUI global users exceeded 30 million, while the Meizu is about a quarter of MIUI.

The industry believes that although Lei Jun led the millet and Dong Mingzhu also from Zhuhai, the two cooperation is impossible, but Gree will still have more choices, such as Lenovo, Cool, Huawei, ZTE and so on.

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