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grab the headlines of the oaks in december, set off a nationwide crazy portable air conditioner purchase

An activity day cat, Suning, Tencent, and other six platform multimedia platform detonated, there is a strike of millions of people all the people agreed to run health 123, let the team run and upload creative trajectory to win Oakes portable air conditioner and cash prizes; , WeChat two platform at the same time looking for entertainment, and home appliances circle opinion leaders; just 5 hours online broadcast number exceeded 5 million people, the line under the National City 100 thousand stores sold more than 100 million, 8 hours full channel sales portable air conditioner Breakthrough 50000 sets.

This is not a big star concert, but not the power of the giant double chop section, but an portable air conditioner giant super brand promotion. On December 3, a by the portable air conditioner industry, the most fashionable brand Oaks off the “Super Brand Day”, set off a nationwide crazy portable air conditioner purchase (pictured).

grab the headlines of the oaks in december, set off a nationwide crazy portable air conditioner purchase

This also allows the Oaks in the portable air conditioner industry to achieve three major breakthroughs: First, the contrarian in the cold in December to create a new situation in portable air conditioner off-season sales; the second is to jump out of the traditional home appliance brand detonated price-driven track, exclusive health And multimedia platform to open up the whole network to complete the shopping experience of virtual reality; Third, the value of the portable air conditioner industry, re-marketing new experience, allowing users to play while playing music side, the portable air conditioner from the traditional manufacturing industry into a young fashion entertainment industry, To give new portable air conditioner kinetic energy.

friedrich portable air conditioner

Oaks young brand of this enterprise is not outdated, communication distance from the limit, no limit no threshold for communication. For the Internet era of household electrical appliance enterprises, the key is to learn to play, but definitely not their own play “entertain”, must be pulling their own users and the target user to play with. Whether it is a variety of fluorescent run, youth run, fashion run, or the star of the cross-border endorsements, and even webcast, in fact, Oaks hand users to play with, looking for Internet age portable air conditioner business new role.

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