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Girls take air conditioning on the machine, the insurance! Patrol a pull back, handsome!

Girls take air conditioning on the machine, the insurance! Patrol a pull back, handsome!

On Oct. 16th 16:00, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, the breathtaking scene to the crowd onlookers are bitter a cold sweat.

In the afternoon, Joe Street, five street a pedestrian suddenly heard the residents of the residents upstairs crying, he looked up and looked shocked: a 4-year-old little girl actually squatting in the residential building 5 floor Outdoor air conditioning outdoor unit. The day the weather is cold and under the rain, the little girl hands around his legs, curled up in the small air conditioning outside the machine shivering, kept crying, air conditioning machine crashed, dangerous. The masses immediately call 110 alarm.

Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Yuhang Branch PTU patrol car rushed to the scene after the police rushed to the scene. Several police immediately ran upstairs, but the rental room security door lock can not enter, the police knocked half a day door no one answered, the house came the little girl piercing cry.

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The police quickly get in touch with the landlord and the girl’s parents, but they are not far away from the moment.

Police Sheng Jianhua see the situation urgent, decisive decision, immediately broke. After entering the room, Sheng Jianhua stepped forward, a little girl pulled back from the window, to avoid an accident occurred. After the understanding, the little girl’s mother intends to buy food, see her daughter is sleeping, the little girl will be locked at home alone. Little girl woke up and found her mother is not, so a person climbed out of the window caused by danger.

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