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Haier portable air conditioner to get rid of China’s two thousand years Wu Yizi bad habits

Confinement tradition in China has two thousand years of history, the older generation of confinement methods in today is still applicable? September 12, the China Women’s Development Foundation White Angel Fund, Shanghai Health Industry Development Association, Haier portable air conditioner in Shanghai set up the country’s first “month-mother health club” and promote the use of days bottles, platinum as the representative of days Of the month portable air conditioner science confinement, change two thousand years maternal Wuyue Zi bad habits.

The traditional confinement errors

Based on the mother of love on the month, the older generation of people rely on two thousand years of “over the people” experience to the month mothers summed up the “ban a few can not”, and some of these ban on the mother can play a good month protection Role, and some may be counterproductive. Similar can not blow portable air conditioner, can not brush your teeth, can not eat salt, are traditional experience in the existence of errors.

Activity site, obstetrics and gynecology expert Huang Qun to the presence of the pregnant mother of the traditional confinement of several errors, the right way of confinement were guided. For 80,90 pregnant mothers after the discussion of the most intense “confinement can not open portable air conditioner” problem, experts Q, one of the characteristics of maternal weakness is easy to sweat, if the temperature is too high easy to heat stroke, affect maternal emotions, Is not conducive to postpartum recovery. In this regard, the white angel fund official said, to protect the rights of mothers, advocated in line with the era of science and health on the way, is the original intention of the establishment of the club.

Scientific use of portable air conditioner, month mother can hair

ge portable air conditioner

Obstetrics and gynecology experts said that the month mother can not blow portable air conditioner is a long misunderstanding, the pregnant mother during the month can be scientific use of portable air conditioner, but should not be too long, too low temperature and avoid blowing. The multi-inspection, Haier days bottles, platinum two portable air conditioner due to the health of the wind and efficient air purification technology to create the most suitable maternal and newborn health air program, from the comfort of air and clean breathing for the “confinement” Double help. According to Haier portable air conditioner engineers, the two portable air conditioner is also very intelligent, intelligent perception of pregnant women and neonatal sleep curve and provide the most comfortable temperature, by the avant-garde recognition after 90 pregnant mother.

Haier portable air conditioner official said, research and development of two healthy portable air conditioner original intention is to address the sensitive people afraid of portable air conditioner blowing cold pain points, pregnant mother is also the focus of research and development to consider the use of the crowd. The future will focus on pregnant mothers in this area, the establishment of pregnant mother database, according to the pregnant mother in the actual use of the problems encountered in technological innovation, also hope to continue throughout the country to carry out the care of pregnant mothers public project, completely out of Two thousand years of traditional shackles of bad habits.

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