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fog haze birth sell air shelf life of the owner are not clear

“Would like to breathe the purest, the freshest air? Then the most pure fresh air to the bottle Weihai no fog haze, absolutely pure can be the sea, the mountains, do not increase!

fog haze birth sell air shelf life of the owner are not clear

Recently, the frequent occurrence of haze days around the birth of a new commodity trade – “selling air.” According to the Voice of China, “News” reported. In an electricity business platform, a nominal from the Weihai, Shandong shop to play the above ad language. Some of these air from New Zealand and other places from purchasing, prices ranging from 5 yuan to 200 yuan, packaging both simple bottled mineral water, but also with “breathing mask” pressure vessel installed, for the shelf life, many shop owners said Unclear, and even frankly “novelty products only.”

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Comments: Su Shi in the “former Chibi Fu,” said: “But the river on the breeze, and the mountains of the moon … … take no ban, inexhaustible, is the creator of the endless possession, and I and the child The air, this is nature’s generous gift to all mankind. When the total fitness, sharing of free wealth as the price of goods, we scoff, it is better to rethink the meaning of bottled air. The blue planet, how can we bear the “bottle of breathing”?

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