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Experts reveals the distiction between portable air conditioner and air-conditioning fan

Portable air conditioner is a breakthrough in the traditional design concept.The portable air conditioner is small in body, high efficiency in energy, low noise in working and free installation, and can be positioned in different houses. However, portable air conditioning, and air-conditioning fan are often confused by consumers.

Most people often have been wrong to think that the portable air conditioner inside the supermarket is just like the air-conditioning fan that sell at only a few hundred dollars. In fact, this is completely wrong. Both are two fundamental types of the few portabble air conditioner products that differ primarily in:

1, product attributes, the portable ac is a member of the air conditioner family, air-conditioning fan is a type of the fan family, they just can offer the so-called cold wind.

2, the price difference is very large, the current brand portable air conditioner (Take Media as an example) are the lowest price around $448, while the air-conditioning fan only cost a few hundred us dollars on average.

3, the effect of a large difference. Portable air conditioner has the refrigeration energy, its function and the traditional air conditioner are almost the same, but a little more obvious, it’s easy to move, easy to change places. The air conditioning fan can only be said to be just a little better than the fan.

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