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portable air conditioner application chill farms by curtain cooling effect

Since the thickness of subcutaneous fat pig, sweat glands developed, not through portable air conditioner only heat by evaporation through the skin to regulate body temperature, the body heat dissipation is slow, poor tolerance to high temperature. When the ambient temperature exceeds a temperature range suitable animal, the body heat production and heat imbalance, leading to adverse reactions in animals on a series of physiological and functional, resulting in heat stress.

High-temperature, high temperature and humidity in particular will continue pig health and performance caused quite a serious effect. Specific performance is reduced feed intake, decreased immunity, increased incidence of pigs, elimination rate and increased mortality. Sow conception rate decline occurred, increased miscarriage, stillbirth, low earners and so on. Pigs appear to slow growth or stagnation, pig production costs increase dramatically and so on. How to solve the high temperature of the pigs hazards, reduce the impact of heat stress on pigs, it has become a key summer breeding swine management.

Portable air conditioner works for the curtain cooling system

everstar portable air conditioner manual

Curtain cooling system consists of curtain, water circulation, temperature control and exhaust fan installed Ge composition. Curtain bonded together with corrugated fiber paper, in the production of raw materials will not be added with the water, the decomposition of a gas stream and a special chemical composition, corrosion resistant, use a long time features. In a closed barn, water pump at one end of the water reservoir to the water pipe, the water sprayed into the defection board, water flow evenly wet the entire board from defection curtain of water in the sink between the curtain and circulation, thus ensuring that the air in contact with the surface is completely wet curtain.

The other end of the suction fan is installed outside ventilation, a negative pressure inside the barn area, homes and outdoor air is sucked through the curtain hires within the barn with heat discharged by the fan outdoors to achieve the purpose of cooling.