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Evaporative cooling chiller vs portable air conditioner

1, look at the appearance. The more the appearance of smooth, beautiful products, the use of the mold the higher the accuracy.

2, to see technology. In the purchase of products, you can see the connection is tight, the use of screws, buttons and other small parts production is delicate, the installation is tight, contact is good and so on.

3, see the parts. The whole machine is composed of the precision combination of various components, the merits of the parts directly related to the equipment life and effect. Therefore, to see the main parts of the entire selection process is the most important part. Evaporative cooling portable air conditioner main components are: the main control box, sewage valve, pump motor, fan.

The main control box is equipped with a control circuit board, is the portable air conditioner control system to ensure the normal operation of the portable air conditioner indicators are here to adjust. So the circuit board design is reasonable, the use of component quality will affect the level of its operating results. However, the average consumer is difficult to accurately identify this. In the choice of time, you can ask the sales staff of its products within the components of the brand and so on. The blowdown valve is a key component of evaporative refrigeration portable air conditioner.

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Because this air conditioner does not use the refrigerant, is to use circulating water pump uninterrupted water out, and through the water distribution system evenly sprayed on the filter layer, the outdoor air into the evaporative cooling medium CELDEK full heat exchange with water, because Water evaporation and cooling of the cool clean air from the low noise fan pressure into the room. The role of the sewage valve is to filter impurities in the circulating water purification, in order to ensure the effect. Now, high-grade sewage valve built-in high-precision electromagnetic components, high sensitivity.

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