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European market air-conditioning products, energy-saving requirements is the first

European market demand for energy efficiency has been very harsh, so the European market in addition to brand air-conditioning products reputation, high-quality products, energy-saving requirements is the first. 2013 cold year European window machine market continues to shrink, down 17.9%, followed by mobile air conditioning, a decline of about 12.5%. In terms of product type, split machine in the European market has always dominated. Which inverter products in the European market share of about 45% of the EU countries share the highest market share, Eastern Europe and Russia accounted for a lower proportion.

R410a is the current European air conditioning market, the main refrigerant products, R290 environmental protection refrigerant in the EU has also been part of the promotion of enterprises. In addition, the EU announced a revised draft F-gas regulations, will prohibit air conditioning equipment preset refrigerant.
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