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Haier unveiled the United States refrigeration exhibition all intelligent portable air conditioner layout overseas

January 20, Haier, the first batch of overseas export of Emperor bottles portable air conditioner has just been off the assembly line, was sold to France, Turkey and other six Eurasian countries, played a high-end portable air conditioner Haier overseas prelude. January 25 local time, held in Orlando, Florida, the United States Refrigeration Exhibition (AHR), Haier and bring days bottles, platinum days, the new Dili bottles, ultra-quiet windows, low temperature heating a full range of intelligent portable air conditioner appearance, To showcase its entire line of intelligent portable air conditioner solutions. This also means that, following the Haier portable air conditioner in the country after the full force of intelligent portable air conditioner, and quickly out of the layout of all intelligent portable air conditioner overseas markets.

It is understood that Haier portable air conditioner to achieve the R & D, production, logistics, services and other intelligent process, relying on intelligent products, Internet factories and intelligent services, it can provide users with all-weather, all-round depth of intelligent experience. The AHR exhibition, Haier portable air conditioner brought to the smart army not only days bottles, bottles such as Timor in the domestic widely praised by users of products, as well as for users around the world demand the development of ultra-quiet windows, low temperature heating, D Series of differentiated products.

Haier ultra-quiet window in the exhibition area, overseas businessmen not only experience the Haier smart window 43 dB and the traditional window of 55 dB contrast effect, but also through the APP intelligent control of the window temperature adjustment and switching machines. Haier staff, this smart window fit this exhibition “to make it easier and more comfortable,” the theme, it accesses the weave communication protocol, the user can control the WeaveApp remote control switch, set mode, access to indoor temperature Operation, to avoid the application of different equipment control process switching. PR Newswire reported in 2015, Haier window noise for the US research and development of ultra-quiet noise reduction of 40% of products into the Lloyd’s store and other first-class sales channels, loved by local users. Up to now, Haier has occupied the United States 12% share of the window market, China’s first independent brand.

Haier smart portable air conditioner to local conditions of the differences in thinking is not only reflected in this one product, but the implementation of overseas distribution process has always been. To showcase another exhibition of low-temperature heating portable air conditioner Haier, for example, the average winter -15 ℃ in the northeastern United States, ordinary portable air conditioner heating effect will be greatly reduced, the outlet temperature is low. The Haier low temperature heating portable air conditioner not only in -15 ℃ environment 100% heating, even in the -26 ℃ extreme environment, but also normal start, and built-in wifi module, easy to install, make portable air conditioner more convenient and intelligent.

Site an American visitors, Haier intelligent portable air conditioner in addition to remote control, but also to achieve week timing, intelligent learning, sleep curve and many other intelligent mode of operation, “This is the real intelligence.” Not only the user, the dealer also said after the experience, “Dawn series of portable air conditioner, not only manipulate more intelligent, and the bottom shell can be removed, easy to install, the design is very user-friendly.” According to reports, to dealers and users to provide more professional solutions, Haier is also the United States to establish air-conditioning training classroom.

It is reported that Haier air-conditioning based on intelligent products, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent services such as the whole process of intelligent, differentiated user needs as the core innovation smart technology, not only won the national scientific and technological innovation highly recognized as portable air conditioner twice won the National Science and Technology Progress Award enterprise. In addition, the smart air conditioner market share is also rising, for 2 consecutive years the country has been exported to the EU, Japan, Russia, Pakistan, more than 100 countries.

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