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Smart portable air conditioner will continue going up

Development of intelligent portable air conditioner has not been easy. In the early stage of development, it just simply replaces the remote control handset to achieve its fucntions, causing lead to intelligent portable air conditioner hot topic practical, as a result of the portable air conditioners business to promote research and innovation in accelerating smart portable air conditioner products; and followed by many same businesses companies jump on the bandwagon to introduce smart air-conditioned single product, making smart market quite a mixed bag, good and bad.

Forced intelligent portable air conditioners industry standards introduced. Enter into the year of 2016, portable air conditioner intelligent process to a new level, and ecological wisdom home platform to become the new direction of development of intelligent process, a large number of personalized features, and more to meet consumer experience have smart new market. For a time, the smart portable air conditioner market, “flourishing” of prosperity.

dualhose portable air conditioner

Intelligent home appliances to the pursuit of users comfortable, convenient experience is industry consensus, the user’s choice of products has become a test of a ruler. Parties market data disclosure, self-cleaning portable air conditioner 1-6 sales in January growth of 30%. It is reported that the portable air conditioner also stores nationwide 9000 real machine demo self-cleaning technology, allowing users to witness the portable air conditioner “own bath,” the whole process, the sales conversion rate as high as 80%. In the opening session in the township cold, it is a “long queues to buy portable air conditioner,” the scene, self-cleaning portable air conditioner, “bathe” healthy image become more user choice.

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