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domestic smart portable air conditioner new standard release

In the home appliance industry have a ride intelligent background, many domestic portable air conditioner R & D listed companies have “smart” products, what kind of portable air conditioner is intelligent portable air conditioner? Recently, the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute released the first intelligent portable air conditioner on the “room air conditioner intelligent index authentication technical specifications.” In this regard, the United States, deputy general manager of portable air conditioner technology, said Qiu Xiangwei, intelligent portable air conditioner does not mean WiFi, but also involves the use of sensors, infrared, voice gestures to achieve a simple identification of applications, Intelligent knowledge, self-learning, intelligent air supply and so on.

In the new published intelligent standard, it is clear that intelligent portable air conditioner should involve intelligent function, intelligent characteristic, intelligence utility three respects. While in the smart aspects of the use of intelligent technology to the user in the “safe, reliable, comfortable, easy to use, energy saving,” the five areas to bring added value or value-added. The release of new standards to further promote the enterprise to the popularity of intelligent portable air conditioner, to achieve the average consumer awareness of intelligent portable air conditioner.

domestic smart portable air conditioner new standard release

It is reported that the United States has just released the portable air conditioner intelligent air ecosphere, will cover “i + intelligent portable air conditioner, air + intelligent equipment, home + smart home, cloud + intelligent cloud” four circle. At the same time, the United States as the first batch of portable air conditioner to obtain intelligent index certification of portable air conditioner business.

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