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Plateau primary school photo uploader was found hoping Haier for his dream

November 3, Haier portable air conditioner “warm up” public interaction platform, the love of people Li Hang uploaded on the plateau of the much-needed warmth of the photos and stories touched a lot of friends. They have to ask, “Where is this plateau primary school?” “Where there is an urgent need for winter items?” Hope to help the plateau primary school.

Yesterday, Haier portable air conditioner staff and caring people who have made contact Li Hang, through communication to understand the basic situation of the school. According to reports, the photo of the school is the Lok Pok nuclear power primary school, located in Xichang City, Sichuan Province, a full-Yi Autonomous Village. In 2008 the school has been rebuilt under the donation of the charity organization. In recent years, the school teaching has been carried out normally.

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In the telephone communication, Li Hang revealed that he is 85, after returning to study in Beijing business, nearly 3 years has also been concerned about public welfare, through personal and friends to help poor children. In 2013, a chance he met the school teacher, through the work and friends to raise funds for the school to buy a part of teaching materials.

Li Hang also told Haier staff, he has been concerned about the situation of the school, some time ago that the West Sichuan Plateau is now cold, due to lack of supplies, some poor children and even a dress from spring to autumn, they urgently needed winter supplies. This time in the “warm up” activities platform, sharing the story for the high altitude primary school to send warmth, is to hope that Haier can dream for him, to the school library with portable air conditioner, the school sent the children warm.

Finally, Li Hang expressed his thoughts to the staff: “If you have the opportunity, I hope to participate in the public action, or even through the form of donations and Haier portable air conditioner with the warmth to the plateau primary school.” Micro letter back to the staff sent a few photos taken in 2013 when the donor schools in the hope that through this platform so that more people understand and concern this plateau primary school.

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