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portable air conditioner industry bringing new opportunities for high temperature workshops cooler

With the progress of the times, more and more people began to pay attention to improve the workshop environment where the cooling plant is one of the most important aspects. High-temperature workshop production workers unbearable not only to reduce the enthusiasm for work, sustained high temperatures will produce mechanical equipment is not a small negative impact, affecting the normal operation of equipment, accelerated depreciation of aging, we can see the importance associated with plant cooling equipment.

Shenzhen www.poertableairconditionerac.com has the production of industrial portable air conditioners for cooling high-temperature workshop brought new opportunities. Winter and cooling temperatures based on actual customer case workshop, to give you an analysis of industrial air-conditioners in the field of the use of the cooling plant. For example, a client asked us Fujian: Want to cool the hot workshop, the workshop area of ​​about 500 square meters, we do not know how to solve. In fact, the use of winter and industrial portable air conditioners to cool the hot shop design can be divided into two types: one is the use of high-temperature workshop overall cooling scheme, the second is the use of local jobs cooling solution.

delonghi portable air conditioner manual

Option One: Cooling the whole workshop program – for workers in jobs is not fixed and personnel-intensive or processing required to ambient temperature workshop situation. For example, a workshop area of ​​500 square meters, can be installed in two 10p industrial portable air conditioners in winter and outside the workshop, set up through the drain pipe, the use of hot and cold air to form a loop: the cold air into the workshop at the same time, the heat is withdrawn, thus speeding up Drag the overall cooling rate;

Option Two: Local post cooling program – for staff positions is relatively fixed, accounting for less overall space workshop, this time winter will recommend that you use the local post cooling. Because workers relatively fixed positions, plus part of workshop space does not need to cool down, use local cooling of cold air can be avoided extravagance. Local post cooling advantage is: targeted, greatly reducing costs, but also give workers a comfortable job environment.

Whether the whole plant cooling, or by the local post shop cool, winter can provide you with the best quality service to cool. New era, new era, let the winter with you to create the most comfortable workshop environment.

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