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4 techniques can control the portable air conditioner noise

1. The use of acoustic noise reduction.

portable air conditioner system produces two kinds of noise, one is a direct sound, the noise is the end of the portable air conditioner system or building to spread, some of which can be directly received by the human ear, but most of the noise will go through many times Reflection, indoor multiple interface reflection of the source noise, and then passed to the human ear, this is another noise, called the reverberation sound. In real life, usually people hear the sound is superposition, direct noise and reverberation noise can be absorbed.

The air-conditioned rooms are equipped with sound-absorbing and sound-proofing materials that are designed to minimize the effects of noise. The sound-absorbing material can be installed on ceilings, walls, and floors. , Reduce the interference of people’s lives, which is the principle of sound absorption and noise reduction.

2. Wind turbine motor optimization.

If the portable air conditioner system to optimize the wind wheel and motor, portable air conditioner can also achieve noise control. portable air conditioner system of the wind wheel are generally straight type, the design can be straight through the oblique type instead of straight to reduce the spread of noise decibels. General portable air conditioner In order to improve the air volume, wind wheel diameter design is relatively large, although this design to improve the air volume, but also brings high noise problems.

Therefore, portable air conditioner in the design process can minimize the diameter of the wind wheel, this method not only to maintain the original system performance, but also can reduce portable air conditioner noise, do both. The optimal piping parameters can be calculated by the physical model, and the experimental results show that the pipelines can be optimized.

3. portable air conditioner system vibration isolation.

In order to achieve portable air conditioner noise control, in addition to the installation of silencers in the inlet and outlet, the use of sound-absorbing building materials, but also control the portable air conditioner system in the work of vibration isolation phenomenon. To prevent portable air conditioner and refrigeration equipment and basic equipment isolation between the two main ways, one is to reduce the vibration of the portable air conditioner system, the second is to reduce the transmission efficiency of portable air conditioner vibration. In the control system vibration, vibration from the start, this is more effective. However, in the actual solution, the control of vibration sources related to the transformation of portable air conditioner systems, portable air conditioner in the design process, you need to portable air conditioner for each part of the vibration isolation design to ensure that the latter part of the vibration isolation can be normal.

In addition, when the system is installed, it is best to use vibration-reducing small components, such as the installation of equipment used in the spring vibration isolator, or the use of rubber bands and rubber pads. To control the noise transmission, the need to increase control efforts, to use sound-absorbing material to absorb the sound waves transmitted during vibration, so every aspect of the portable air conditioner system, portable air conditioner vibration isolation are important, it can effectively prevent noise spread.

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4. Install portable air conditioner muffler system.

Installation of portable air conditioner muffler system is an effective method of noise control. portable air conditioner noise transmission is usually from the air duct to the portable air conditioner outlet, so you can use this transfer principle, in between the two pipes installed on the silencer equipment, can effectively reduce the transmission of noise in order to achieve the effect of noise control. Installation of silencer equipment, air flow can make the air flow to reduce the sound of air, which is essentially a sound-absorbing structure layer. Muffler as the most widely used silencer equipment, portable air conditioner is installed in the import and export of gas the most effective.

In the actual operation of the portable air conditioner, the muffler work by the impact of wind speed, if the portable air conditioner work when the wind speed is too large, then the muffler effect will be weakened, and even affect the muffler work. Working wind speed is too large, making the number of gas cycles increased, muffler no time to silencers, circulating noise has been generated. Therefore, even if the installation of the muffler, but also need to adjust the use of portable air conditioner in the use of wind speed, as far as possible within the appropriate range of wind speed to ensure the normal muffler silencer effect, which will be able to achieve portable air conditioner noise control.

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