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Haier intelligent portable air conditioner to sell the “temperature sense”!

Summer is approaching, portable air conditioner heat gradually warming, especially intelligent portable air conditioner. New portable air conditioner or the purchase of smart new portable air conditioner needs of large-scale emergence.

For consumers how to choose a suitable portable air conditioner? For brands and consumers how to communicate?

Asymmetry of information is always the era of consumer problem.

For portable air conditioner such a large consumer goods, in the face of the dazzling choice of goods, consumers know what to do. The face of major north-south, climate, consumption, the use of thousands of different consumers, brand communication work is facing new challenges. In the past, the CCTV broad and informed, over and over once and for all, and now consumers are located in various social networks, advertising is almost immune, they believe that the real experience, friends circle of friends word of mouth recommendation.

The problem is, in the face of this dilemma, how to break Board?

Today’s case, talk about Haier. Today is not a macro, not floating in theory, the point of real gas grounding a few small examples, the small action, small events chopped up, with a microscope to see, can see the real product experience, the user temperature, brand philosophy . This is the root of the brand of the legislation, the art of strong limbs.

First, the dust collection action

Lens pulled Qingdao:

Time: from April 5 to the end of a total of 8 activities 8 communities (from December 24, 2015 to the present, Haier into the 1838 Qingdao family to carry out dust collection operations, we selected eight community samples)

Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner joint youth newspaper network into the community dust collection operation, to the public popularity of portable air conditioner does not clean as much as the hazards of dust, and real machine demonstration of self-cleaning portable air conditioner; activity site residents can register for their home portable air conditioner free cleaning, Haier staff Unified arrangements for household cleaning.

April 5

The first household: Shouzhang Road, No. 2, a unit 604 Ms. Gao, two pm Master Li home cleaning time and time, when he came to Ms. Gao’s home and found that the portable air conditioner model should be the old machine in 2001, about 15 years Cleaned off. The dust on the machine filter is 5 mm thick. Master in the disassemble found that the user home in the home renovation, the portable air conditioner did not hang up cover, resulting in a lot of lime paste scattered on the machine, careful master cleaning portable air conditioner inside the filter and evaporator, the whole body will complete Land preparation wipe it again. Users praise: the use of 15 years of portable air conditioner has a new look, Zhan praise master carefully.

The second household: Wei Qingqiao, air-conditioned special location, located in the north of the kitchen, black oil filter; 5 years, not unpick, the child at rest, the master demolition action is very light. User home portable air conditioner filter with soot, because the distance from the kitchen, cleaning the filter every year, but know which is dirty, but inside the need for professional cleaning. Master Li returned to the user after the cleaning test temperature difference.

The third: Han Ji Ying, 08 years to buy Haier portable air conditioner. Home refrigerators are Haier brand washing machines. User home opposite the area in the construction, the dust coming through the window, portable air conditioner is dirty. Haier service staff said that because the machine more internal dust, affecting the machine running speed. Cleaning finished, the user special thanks to Haier service personnel.

Haier announced in December last year, including “dust collection operations”, including air health services program, this year to enter the 10,000 area. Haier through the “dust collection action” allows users to focus on indoor air quality, so that more people understand the Haier portable air conditioner initiative, efficient, green, personalized intelligence services.

Haier to push such an activity, there is an environmental background. Now more and more serious haze, home “dirty lung portable air conditioner” dust too much, long-term cleaning, a great impact on the user’s respiratory health, portable air conditioner is often hidden and ignored by the user. Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner a few days ago released a “air chromatogram”, the figure shows the light gray, gray, gray, black, yellow, brown five color gamut. The “air chromatogram” drawn from the seven districts of Qingdao City, 1838 families collected dust samples, portable air conditioner dirty long-term dust in the portable air conditioner ventilation, it becomes the air color. “Colored air can easily cause respiratory infections.” Medical experts also explained that, for example, Legionella pneumonia is largely induced by the dirty portable air conditioner, because people are indoors longer, from the average daily level of accumulation, indoor Air environment on human respiratory health greater impact, portable air conditioner hair with a large number of bacteria, the passage of time people will be infected with the disease.

Haier hope that through this site cleaning, haze for the user action, the popularity of portable air conditioner self-cleaning technology, called the public attention to indoor air health problems.

Haier’s dust collection action is to solve the two problems:

First, the brand’s commitment to the user “in good faith to forever,” the core of each appliance brand is a service brand, how to consider for the user to solve the user does not find health problems, air problems, product problems.

Second, the community is the real end of the brand floor, imagine all the purchase will refer to the recommendation of others, word of mouth and choice.

1) The brand that hangs on the outside wall in the community is the answer, this is a superimposed, the inconceivable word of mouth endorsement. 2) Community is the longest active physical place for consumers. It is the most intensive place of information, values ​​and lifestyle. It is similar to the similar lifestyle and value. It determines similar behavior preference and brand preference.

3) good experience, good word of mouth, poor experience, poor reputation will flow in the community, and is an infinite loop mode.

First, the demonstration economy

Jobs said, “consumers do not know what they need, until we come up with their own products, they found that this is what I want.”

Internet economy is undergoing some changes, several innovation on behalf of the Internet innovation giants have layout line experience shop.

“Seeing is believing,” the ancient common sense is still playing a role. Consumers only eyes, ears, throat, nose, body all the sensory experience to feel a work, the connection between the two really took place, physical, spiritual, spiritual communication really began. Subversion products that exist in the PPT, you may be excited for a while, but the face of the tide of information every day, not personally, it can not be profound!

Then the line experience shop is so important, offline experience shop selling what?

Not the product, not the price, not the solution.

What is it?

Temperature sense!

product? Your function can not exhaust all, you can not defeat all opponents, you only have to impress the consumer.

price? No lower, the price war of harm do not want to mention, hurt employees, hurt the market, harm consumers.

solution? When the user really experience the pain point scene, he will think of solutions, too many solutions is undoubtedly the boots itch.

Experience the essence of the line to sell a sense of temperature!

Brand of temperature! The temperature of the product! The temperature of the service staff!

Many business marketing president to find easy Beichen complain, advertising, search, content, video, virus marketing thirty-six classes of martial arts with 72, why still do not work? Sales do not increase?

Very simple! You are using, others are also used, the consumer’s mental resources on that little, every day by the selling point of many brands of bombing.

Haier in this regard is to seize the gold line. Is “sincere to forever.” Never take the consumer as a fool, to take them as “family”, product development, manufacturing, production, dissemination, experience, purchase the whole process, standing in the consumer position to think, to action. Brand than not strong, but weak, weak weak true, forever true, arrogant true.

The product is the medium, the service is the medium.

for example:

delonghi pinguino portable air conditioner

Liu brothers in Changsha in the store site read Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner real machine demonstration, immediately one-time dig 10 million purchase of 14 units. One-time or one person to buy more than portable air conditioner, which is not the first time in Haier. Last year in July, the Shijiazhuang mysterious woman once purchased 12 sets of days of portable air conditioner; this year before the Spring Festival, Changsha, Mr. Wang units for the purchase of 10 days bottles portable air conditioner, cost 120,000 yuan. And these three things happen in the same scene, they are into the store to see the demo and experience before deciding to buy.

See the demonstration will be determined to buy consumer behavior reflects the Haier intelligent portable air conditioner won the user recognition, Haier employees in response to the phenomenon of self-reflection: Why interactive innovation out of so many high-definition of innovative products, consumers do not know? (Haier portable air conditioner product innovation in recent years, iterative speed is very advanced .Average technical iterations twice a year, as of the end of 2015, Haier portable air conditioner has been 56 times the product innovation iterations.These research and development innovation also began from the pure technology research, Transfer to the user experience)

The core reason is that the special nature of the portable air conditioner industry, as a non-high-frequency consumer products, consumers buy at least five years will not buy a new portable air conditioner.

There are several behaviors:

1) Do not care. Consumers do not need to waste time to master the information and knowledge of professional portable air conditioner products, because the daily use of such knowledge, after all, is limited.

2) bad election. New technology, new brands, new features, new concepts squandering gradually to charming eyes, the actual how, there is no perception.

3) Listen to the recommendation. After all, a large number of consumer goods, buy friends before listening to evaluation and recommendation.

How to break Board?

Offline experience shop to experience the economy or called the economy.

Haier has made great efforts in this regard, through a wide range of online and offline activities, land, sea and air synergy, so that consumers really approached the experience shop, close contact with Haier portable air conditioner, take a look, touch, with a use.

Haier intelligent portable air conditioner’s innovative features are generally able to achieve on-site transactions, real-time site does not produce purchase behavior, follow-up users through social networking, offline network experience sharing experience, is the most authentic word of mouth and advertising.

For example: Haier over the past 3 years, frequently launched revolutionary innovative products, such as circular emperor bottles portable air conditioner, not portable air conditioner disease days bottles portable air conditioner, self-cleaning portable air conditioner can take their own bath, are from the user experience point of view to the vast number of consumers A new user experience. Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner to solve the secondary pollution of portable air conditioner, endangering the health of consumers, for health, consumers are often willing to pay, the scene volume is very good.

This is a win-win situation. This is the brand war, the value of war, not the price war!


Forget the price war, adhere to the value of war, brand war. The user “in good faith to forever.”

Forget the tall, approached the community, to play a demonstration economy, then back to the gas!

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