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“Self-cleaning” was included in the Intelligent portable air conditioner classification standard

Driven by the concept of intelligence, a large number of intelligent home appliances began to affix labels. Intelligent portable air conditioner, for example, what constitutes a smart portable air conditioner? Recently, portable air conditioner industry released the first “China Smart Room Portable Air Conditioner Industry Development White Paper” (hereinafter referred to as the “White Paper”), and portable air conditioners’ smart features are divided into four categories. Among them, the self-cleaning air-conditioning It as the representative of “smart cleansing” specifically classified as a major smart features, and intelligent WIFI, smart sensors, and other mainstream features intelligent cloud tied.

Previously, the market has the authority to disclose the data, since August last year, the self-cleaning portable air conditioner sales Listed year has exceeded 100 million units. “Self-cleaning portable air conditioner heat exchangers solve dirty, difficult to clean, to give industry and market dual recognition, smart portable air conditioner cultivating a classic case of market segments.” Some industry observers analysis.

The “white paper” analysis pointed out that intellectual development trend, the current portable air conditioner market rigid demand gradually weakening, and different consumer groups to highlight the demand for personalized products, market segments sights, portable air conditioner industry to become a major breakthrough in the supply-side reforms. “White Paper” that the portable air conditioner is often cleaned the filter and the machine heat exchangers, air-conditioning heat exchangers dirty boot cause odor, mold-producing bacteria, the secondary air pollution affect human health.

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Portableairconditonerac.com makes the research and development of self-cleaning technology, through the heat exchanger surface condensation frost enormous expansion force, powerful cleaning heat exchanger, together with the antimicrobial coating to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the heat exchanger, completely solve the problem of dirty air inside. At present, the market self-cleaning portable air conditioner to “bathe the normal portable air conditioners” is well known to users, a smart portable air conditioners in order to bring health experience typical.

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