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how to differ the portable air conditioner chillers quality?

1, die-cast aluminum alloy blades reliable quality, material without water.

2, stamping blades relatively poor quality, due to the thin easily deformed, will be broken in a few years after the lock screw. Stamping blades standard thickness of 2mm, 2.2mm thickness slightly better difference of 1.8mm. Stainless steel and aluminum materials can be. Avoid not buy galvanized iron sheet material or the suction fan blades.

3, plus nylon fiber material blades are only a handful of qualified, mostly found substandard raw materials, deformation, design unreasonable phenomenon, a simple resolution method is to see if the surface of delicate, smooth, uniform material. Good thin edge blades cut wind resistance and reduced air drag resistance, increase the strength of intermediate thickness without deformation.

4, FRP flared suction portable air conditioner chillers should be noted that the quality of steel framed glass case. The belt-type vacuum flared mobile air conditioning chillers must be imported multi-V belt or timing belt. Use ordinary V-belt products are non-professional manufacturers.

5, portable air conditioner chillers negative galvanized sheet thickness require relatively housing galvanized sheet, and the quality of other components.

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6, to identify negative portable air conditioner chillers whether to adopt the aluminum motor, whether the motor copper, aluminum may appear in jerry galvanized square negative pressure on portable air conditioner chillers. FRP flared suction portable air conditioner chillers need to identify the motor has reached IP55 F grade insulation.

7, FRP flared suction portable air conditioner chillers shall be used for all fasteners # 304 stainless steel. Although it is not worth the screws, but not usually steal workers refueling this regard, some of the details can be seen from the attitude of manufacturers build portable air conditioner chillers.

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