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Our intelligent portable air conditioner sales turnover goes better in the first quarter

Recently, the State Information Center released the “2016 China intelligent portable air conditioner market analysis report (January-April 2016),” The report shows that compared to last year, sales volume of portable air conditioners products fell significantly larger amplitude, the domestic portable air conditioner and air conditioner market is still facing 40 million of of quanityt pressure on the stock. Portable air conditioner and other enterprises to take different modes in warehouse and stock, Portableairconditionerac.com’s intelligent portable air conditioners anti its road and strategy to realize the implementation of zero inventory in the industry, on-demand production. According to statistics, a quarter of the domestic major cities intelligent portable air conditioners brand competition, its sales, sales of the two indicators are more than 60% share in the first row.

commercialcool portable air conditioner

Portable air conditioner industry to take production off-season, season sales approach ignored the needs of users, a simple warehouse for production, produce low energy efficiency, practicality is not strong. Edge to the inventory, while making inventory sales model makes a lot of “zombie-conditioned” long-term accumulation in the warehouse. The so-called “zombie” refers to portable air conditioners’ storage for a long time, function, energy efficiency is far behind the stock market new portable air conditioner, currently on the market in the sale of a number of “zombie-conditioned” library up to 5 years of age. “Zombie portable air conditioner” at a low price to enter the market, not only failed to ease the fierce competition in the industry, but to inefficient harm the interests of consumers, so that consumers lose confidence in the portable air conditioning industry.

Our portable air conditioner years ago had abandoned the traditional mode of stock proposed zero inventory, on-demand production, product innovation and keeping up consumer demand. Our Intelligent air portable air conditioner open “on demand” market model, pioneered intelligent self-cleaning portable air conditioner. It is understood that the intelligent self-cleaning series portable air conditioner can save electricity consumption at the same time to their “bath”, to solve the traditional portable air conditioner difficult and costly problem. In the product development process, combined with user experience feelings it launched Emperor bottles, bottle-day series with self-cleaning and air purification PM2.5 intelligent portable air conditioner.

Our intelligent portable air conditioner not only to achieve zero inventory, and product upgrades fast iteration, the new contribution rate. According to the “Report” shows that in 2016 from January to April of intelligent portable air conditioning industry production enterprises, our company Intelligent portable air conditioner in the distribution of the product life cycle performance: the overall intelligent portable air conditioner, out market within 12 months, the proportion of sales of products accounted for more than 75 %; the proportion of listed products accounted for sales of more than 86% in December. Among them, the most prominent product is the wall, in the composition of sales has not listed more than 24 months the product, the whole industry is able to do this level of business.

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