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Commercial Portable Air Conditioner Air Conditioner Spot Coolers Industrial Portable Swamp Cooler Portable Evaporative Swamp Cooler Buy Air Conditioner Spot Coolers

Commercial Portable Air Conditioner Air Conditioner Spot Coolers Industrial Portable Swamp Cooler Portable Evaporative Swamp Cooler Buy Air Conditioner Spot Coolers

SKU: Commercial-Portable-Air-Conditioner-003

Olyair R410A 7000B 10000Tu Self Evaporative System Opl Portable Air Conditioner, Air Conditioner, Air Conditioning Shell For Car And Household Air Conditioner Shenzhen, Thin Mattress 2016 Cheap Air Conditioner Hot Cold Electric Blanket, Low Power Consumption Portable Evaporative Small Air Conditioner. Quick Details
Type:Evaporative Air Cooler
Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Hailan
Model Number:HP48BX
Operating Voltage:230 VAC
Mounting:Floor Standing
After-sales Service Provided:Overseas third-party support available
Desert coolers:Portable evaporative cooling fan

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Cartons
Delivery Detail:15 Days

  • Description

    Product Description

    Variable Speed 1. Durable One-Piece Molded Polyethylene Housing. 2. Equipped With High Performance 1 H.P. Variable Speed Motor. 3. No Need To Install, Portable, Could Be Used Immediately After Connecting Water And Electricity. 4. Efficient Environmental Protection, Evaporated With Water Without Harmful Refrigerants 5. Fresh Air 0-20,000 Cfm, Cools 4,000 Sq Ft. 6. Almost Maintenance-Free Operation And Longer Life.
    Air Delivery(Cfm) 0-20,000
    Fan Motor(Hp) 1
    Voltage Frequency(V Hz) 115 60
    Dimension W*H*D(In.) 86&Times;74&Times;36
    Cooling Capacity(Sq Ft) 4,000
    Water Reservoir (Gal) 50
    Weight(Lbs) 360 Application Areas: 1)Industry : Injection Molding, Printing, Shoe-Making, Food Processing, Rubber, Clothing, Electronics And Other Factories. 2)Agriculture : Pig Farms, Poultry Farms And Other Animal Venues And Greenhouses. 3)Others :Somewhere There Are Polluted Gas, Population Density And Others Where Need Ventilation. View Our Website

    Tips For Conserving Money On Buying Transportable Air Conditioning Models
    There Are Rooms Which Are Impractical To Be Installed With Window Or Wall Type Air Conditioning Sets. There May Be No Windows Or It Is Pricey Or Unpleasant To Construct A Gap In The Wall For The Air Conditioner. A Portable Air Conditioner Device Will Resolve Your Problem. All You Need Is A Wall Outlet. This Is A Much More Feasible Option Than Setting Up A Centralized Air Cooling System Just To Attain This Particular Space.

    When You Start Looking For An Airconditioner, The First Factor You Will Notice Is The Various Types Of Air Conditioners, And The Large Number Of Styles Inside Each Brand Name. Therefore The First Thing You Need To Do Is Decide What You Want The Air Conditioner For.

    They’Re Cellular, Difficulty Totally Free And A Lot Easier To Set Up Than It Would Be If You Would Put In A Window Device. Nonetheless, A Window Is Nonetheless Needed In The Vicinity To Vent The Hot Air Outside. They Come With A Foam Insert And An Exhaust Tube, With The Drinking Water Becoming Drained Out The Window Or Inside A Bucket. They’Re Pretty Hefty, Even If They’Re Portable, With An Excess Weight Between Fifty And Ninety Lbs.

    The Designs Will Efficiently Cool A Space Without A Lot Of Extra Dampness And A Massive Increase In Your Electric Invoice. Make Sure That The Portable Air Conditioner Is Energy Efficient Before You Purchase It. With The Rising Price Of Utilities, You Want To Get The Most Efficient 1 That You Can Afford.

    Another Discovery, Which Will Save Time, Is Peeling Potatoes In Seconds With The Help Of Ice. By Placing A Hot Potato Into Ice Drinking Water, At About Forty Five F, The Potato Releases It’S Skin Simply Because Of The Quick Temperature Change. Leave The Potato In The Ice Water For About 5 Seconds And Then Consider It Out. Grab The Potato With Two Hands. Mild Slide The Potato Pores And Skin Off By Pulling The Skin In Opposite Directions. The Skin Will Come Off With Simplicity. No More Picking The Skin Off In Little Pieces And Getting Mash Potato Below Your Fingernails.

    The Kind You Will Get Will Depend On How Long You Will Be Remaining. If You’Ll Be In That Exact Same Apartment Or Home For A Whilst, You Can Invest In The Kind That Mounts To The Wall Or In A Window Via Brackets. They Aren’T Difficult To Set Up Both.

    Lastly You Will Require To Ascertain The Condensation Capacity Of The Machine. Always Make Certain And Verify Out The Capability Of The Portable Air Conditioner And Its Capability To Extract Moisture From The Air. Numerous Of The Units Arrive With An Automatic Cut Off Switch Which Then Will Quit The Unit Type Operating When The Condensation Container Gets To Be As Well Complete To Function Properly. However, You Can Discover Some That Come With A Hose And Manual The Condensation Away From The Machine.

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