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Commercial Portable Air Conditioner 2016 New Home Appliance Portable Air Conditioning Buy Home Appliance Portable Air Conditioning 2016 New Home Appliance Portable Air Conditioning 48000 Btu Standing Air Conditioner

Commercial Portable Air Conditioner 2016 New Home Appliance Portable Air Conditioning Buy Home Appliance Portable Air Conditioning 2016 New Home Appliance Portable Air Conditioning 48000 Btu Standing Air Conditioner

SKU: Commercial-Portable-Air-Conditioner-007

Hhb 30 Good Partner Portable Mobile Air Conditioner, 7000Btu Cooling Only Portable Air Conditioner Camping Tent, New Condition 4500 Air Flow Water Chiller Evaporator, Popular In Australia!Portable Evaporative Air Conditioning Discount157, Portable Power Mini Generator Camping Equipment, Noiseless With Round Frame Best Gas Generator, Factory Outlets Competitive Price Air Conditioner Price. Quick Details
Type:Evaporative Air Cooler
Place of Origin:Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:DiscountCOOL
Model Number:Discount162
Operating Voltage:230 VAC
Mounting:Floor Standing

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Cartons
Delivery Detail:20 Days after Payment
SpecificationsHot product! Energy saving evaporative air cooler High cooling capacity Low energy, price and noise Keep fresh & healthy

  • Description

    Product Description

    62 Portable Air Cooler 1600Cmh Big Airflow,Powerful Centrifugal Fan,10L Big Water Tank,Nice Designed Plastic Body,Temperature Display,Healthy Negative Ionizer,Highest Efficiency Natural Cooling By Water Evaporation,High Efficiency Cellulous Cooling Pad,120 Degree Left To Right Auto Swing. 1600Cmh Airflow Centrifugal Fan; Low Noise 10L Water Tank Nice Designed Plastic Body Temperature Led Display Healthy Negative Ionizer
    Item 62
    Airflow 1600Cmh
    Fan Type Centrifugal
    Cover Area 10-20M2
    Power 130W
    Noise 48Db
    Water Tank 10L
    Water Consumption 1-3L H
    Dimension 360*300*870Mm
    Water Inlet Manual
    Phase 1
    Speed 3
    Control Type Led
    Net Weight 9.5Kg
    Gross Weight 11.4Kg
    Pad Size 327*293*56Mm
    Remote Yes
    Pump Protection Yes
    Temperature And Humidity Display Yes
    Nature Wind Yes
    Sleeping Wind Yes
    Ionizer Yes
    Auto Swing Up-Down Left-Right Features: New High Efficient Cooling Technology 3 Speed Motor 4 Blade Fan Large Water Tank Low Noise Heavy Duty,Three Speed Motor New Generation Desert Cooler Large Water Tank With Direct Float Big Cooling Pad For High Efficiency Lower Power Consumption-180W High Air Delivery-3500M3 Hr Slim,Smart,Slient&Amp;Sensational Ionizer Makes The Air Fresh And Good For Health Advantage: 1. 3 Sides Cooling Pads, Better Cooling Efficiency 2. Bigger Air Flow, Higher Pressure, Good For Outdoor And Commercial Area Use 3. High-Middle-Low 3 Speeds, More Choices 4. Ionizer Helps To Deduct And Anti-Bacteria, Keep Air Fresh 5. Led Control Panel With Remote Control, Convenient And Intelligent 6. The Modified Pp Material Of Body Is More Adaptive For Outdoor Use, And More Doable 7. High Quality &Amp; Whole Sealed Casing Motor, Good Heat Dissipation, High Ip Class &Amp; Waterproof 8. Open Type Water Distributor Makes The Water Flow Evenly 9. 57L Big Water Tank Meets Customer Need 10. Fashion And Elegant Design With Big Air Grill, White And Red-Brown Color For Your Choice . Working Principle Applications: 1). Manufacturing Textile, Machinery, Ceramic, Refine Chemical Industry, Metallurgy, Hardware And Leather; 2). Processing: Plaing, Electronic, Shoe Making, Painting, Plastic, Clothes Making, Food Package Etc. 3). Others: Golf Court, Bakery, Playground, Hospital, School, Passenger Waiting Room, Supermarket, Restaurants, Washing Room, Kitchen, Vegetable Market, Entertainment Center, Gym, Underground Parking Lot, Park, Warm Room, Stock Farm, Garden, Factories, Etc. Air Coolers Vs. Air Conditioners: 1).Energy-Efficient Air Coolers Consume Up To 10 Times Less Energy Than Acs. They Consume Less Electricity And Can Also Work In Low Voltage Areas. Monthly Electricity Power Bills Are Significantly Lower. 2).Low Maintenance Air Coolers Require Low Maintenance; You Rarely Need To Summon A Mechanic For Maintenance Or Troubleshooting As In The Case Of Acs. 3).Environmental Friendly Air Coolers Present Significant Environmental Benefits With No Harmful Chlorofluorocarbons (Cfc) Emissions And Very Low Power Consumption. Air Coolers Use Fresh, Clean Air From The Environment. They Also Allow You To Keep Windows Open For Better Air Circulation Whereas Acs Circulates Stale Air Inside A Sealed Room. Our Factory: Our Certification: Discountcool Exhibition: View Our Website View Company Video Download

    How To Consider Care Of Air Conditioner
    The Initial Thing To Realize Is That Unemployed Does Not Always Mean That You Have No Income. In A Two Earnings Family Members, Unless Of Course Each Companions Are Out Of Work, There Is Some Income Becoming Attained By The Other Person. If The Unemployed Standing Has Not Gone On For An Prolonged Period, Unemployment Payment Checks Are Most Likely Still Coming. You May Have Other Resources Of Earnings, This Kind Of As, Child Support, Investments, Pensions, And So On. In Numerous Cases, Families Have A Small Home Business Heading That Generates A Small Income.

    14. Don’T Fill Up If There Is A Gasoline Truck Pumping New Gas Into The Underground Storage Tanks. The Gasoline Is Being Stirred Up As Its Being Sent. You Could Pick Up Some Of The Dirt That Settles At The Bottom Of The Tank.

    The Best Way You Can Discover The Right Kind Of Roofing Material And Contractor Is By Searching For Them On Online Roofing Directories. A Directory Should Have A Long Checklist Of Roofing Contractors And Different Types Of Roof Materials And Style. If You Want Your New Roof To Appear Great, You Also Have To Get A Roofing Style That Goes With Your House Design.

    Even Although Individuals Usually Use Locations Like These For Conversations, You Also Provide Supper Right Here Or You Can Cook Dinner. Since They’Re So Handy, You Can Use These Rooms Even When The Weather Begins To Become Cold.

    Here Is A Great Home Improvement Concept! Ensure That Your Entire System (Furnace, Warmth Pump, Air Conditioner) Is Power Efficient. Leaky Ducts Can Decrease The General Energy Effectiveness Of Your Heating And Cooling Method By As A Lot As 20 %. Duct Sealing Increases Effectiveness And Lowers Your Utility Expenses.

    Remember To Place The Portable Air Conditioner In A Location Exactly Where The Air Can Be Evenly Distributed All Over The Room. Positioning It In A Concealed Corner Differs A Lot In Terms Of Cooling Capacity In Contrast To Positioning It At An Angle Where Most Of The Space Can Be Coated.

    Make Certain Costly Products In Your Personal Home Can’T Be Noticed From The Outside Through A Windowpane. If A Burglar Can’T See Anything Really Worth Stealing He Will Not Be Tempted.

    You Have To Appreciate The Sixties. They Had Been Developing Our Old Air Conditioner About The Same Time They Had Been Trying To Achieve Parity With The Russian Sputniks. They Encased The Appliance In A Bulletproof Shell That Didn’T Even Smudge When I Kicked It Off The Deck Onto The Floor. It Was Strung With Miles Of Fall Short-Safe Hefty-Gauge Copper Wire, A Tangle Of Redundant Methods Designed To Function In Wet, Dry, Arctic, Or Desert Circumstances. It Was Nucleic. The Birth Of The Nuclear Age Experienced Inspired Appliance Engineers To Unprecedented Heights. I Believed Of Transport It Off To Iraq Or Afghanistan. If Only.

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