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China more than a low-temperature day misty haze alert portable air conditioner induced colds

Into mid-October, the country more than a wide range of haze weather, many places also encountered low temperature, usher in haze and low temperature of the double bad weather, and suddenly to the cold weather so many people began to consider the portable air conditioner out . However, some experts advise, in the portable air conditioner re-“posts” before the best heat exchanger and other parts of the depth of cleaning, vigilance caused by the portable air conditioner caused by a high cold damp.

This reporter learned that, generally in the portable air conditioner use peak 3-5 days, there will be “portable air conditioner disease” small peak, mainly for colds, fever, cough and sore throat and other respiratory diseases, serious will suffer from “portable air conditioner pneumonia”. “Most of the time will increase by 30% of patients, especially the elderly, children and white-collar workers accounted for a relatively high proportion.” A respiratory physician told reporters that many people feel that blowing cold air is indoor air circulation, Tan Liang caused , But a large part because the portable air conditioner internal too dirty, became a breeding ground for bacteria, causing non-flu flu, and even induced pneumonia and other respiratory diseases.

commercial cool portable air conditioner manual

portable air conditioner is too dirty to induce a cold Mr. Wang is still puzzled, “seasonal, portable air conditioner, I will use carefully cleaned, how portable air conditioner is not clean?” Haier portable air conditioner sales staff with reporters explained that most users only Know that cleaning the filter, in fact, heat exchanger is the “filth” place. Moreover, the heat exchanger cleaning difficult, high cost, many users simply do not clean up.

“If you do not want to do it yourself, and do not want to spend money on professionals, then you can consider a self-cleaning portable air conditioner.” Haier portable air conditioner sales staff suggested. It is understood that self-cleaning portable air conditioner is Haier’s new portable air conditioner products, the use of patented patent cold expansion technology, so that the condensation of water under the heat exchanger frost, water per gram of ice produced 960kg / cm2 expansion force, strong Stripping heat exchanger on the dirt, but also a large amount of water, washing fast, strong antibacterial and other characteristics, so that portable air conditioner to achieve “their own bath” to curb the air inside the bacteria breeding, to prevent dirty air caused by dirty and other problems.

It is understood that, in addition to Jin platinum portable air conditioner, the self-cleaning technology has also been applied to the new portable air conditioner Timor bottles to achieve the integration of air purifiers and self-cleaning technology applications, both to provide users with healthy air, portable air conditioner can achieve their own clean . Insiders said that Haier portable air conditioner from the clean air to create a precedent for the industry, which users and the industry is a major positive.

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