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Clement successfully won the China Mobile International Information Port air conditioning project

Recently, Clement in China Mobile (Changping) International Information Port project bidding from the many brands stand out, the successful bid for the project air conditioning system services.

The project will use the Carmel with natural cooling function of the air-cooled chillers, model CSRAT4222-FC-LT-Y, 3 sets. After the implementation of the project, energy-saving effect than the traditional 38% increase, and do not consume any water, the system is simple, less trouble points, while the operation and maintenance to bring great convenience.

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It is understood that the China Mobile International Information Port Project is located in Beijing’s Changping District Shahe Town, “Zhongguancun National Engineering Technology Innovation Base” southwest, the base is located in nine large and basically the same size of the plot, the total area of ​​88.13 hectares, net area 59.6 hectares, the total construction area of ​​about 1.3 million square meters, in three phases of construction. Including research and development centers, data centers, call centers and academic exchanges. The first phase of the project “International Information Port Data Center” individual projects, including data centers and ancillary facilities about 65,000 square meters of construction, the initial investment amount of 290 million yuan. Including the data center, communications room and laboratory. The data center was completed and put into use, the establishment of China Mobile’s largest single data center, is also the three major telecom operators in Beijing, the largest single data center.

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