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christmas survival guide perhaps you need a good air conditioner

Christmas is the arrival of a year, many small partners are anxious inside up:

Love in the small security, said: his girlfriend to have a romantic Christmas, ask the old driver wing.

Ms. Zhang said seven years of marriage: In addition to “eat eat” is “buy buy”, really want a little freshness.

Single Miss Dou said: the streets are show loving, very injured this time of year … …

In any case, Christmas is only once a year, said it is exotic or business excuse to evoke worth mentioning, since it is a holiday, it is necessary to live a glamorous, gusto.

How was this Christmas? You want to do?

Couples: A soul-stirring movie

Also watch movies? Good not new!

Do not rush to deny that this year’s Christmas stalls can be described as a good piece together. Devaluation Zhangjia Jia directed, Wong Kar Wai producer, Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Eason Chan, Yang Ying and other big stars starred in the “ferry.” The film, mainly “ferry people” theme of the city theme and emotional very suitable for couples to enjoy. “Each city has its own legend, the legend of the city is ferry people”, perhaps a movie, you will be ferry to the other side of happiness.

Husband and wife stalls: a walk away that left

Two people worked hard in the city, but when you have a house, trips, after the child, but found how could not find the passion. End of the year, it is better to “indulgence” look, to the Shanghai Disneyland to find the naive joy!

Familiar cartoon characters, wonderful songs and dances … … filled with youth when the simple and happy; also the magic of the “Snow Romance”, the stormy “Pirates of the Caribbean” … … is brought back to each other sweet memories.

A fantastic accidental discovery trip, perhaps two people to re-know each other.

christmas survival guide perhaps you need a good air conditioner

Single file: a quiet soul of precipitation

Single is not the source of trouble, the world is the judge. From the seven aunt eight aunt’s “Chinese” care to the circle of friends of the fancy show love, and then to their own values ​​and outlook on life, the people in the Christmas feel are full of “negative energy” .

In fact, Christmas was originally a Western family affection transfer festivals, rather than in the eyes and remarks of others was uneasy, as a recipe for parents to prepare a special Christmas dinner, even a person does not matter, a cup of coffee, a Good book, a warmth of Matsushita portable air conditioner, you can enjoy a Christmas night of their own.

In this case,

Heart warm, is open-mindedness of things; body warm, is to create a comfortable livable living environment. In this regard, Panasonic portable air conditioner both efficient, stable, humane characteristics of the three, because of its equipped with ENECHARGE thermal storage technology, even in the arctic region can also be strong heating, and continuous heating when the defrosting non-stop, with Panasonic original DC Inverter compressor and imported low-temperature imported oil, well adapted to the harsh environment as low as -30 ℃. In the process, the Matsushita regenerative portable air conditioner 2 minutes warm blowing temperature up to 40 ℃, to avoid the use of electric auxiliary heating embarrassment and hidden danger, and can control room temperature fluctuations in the range of 1 to 2 degrees Celsius, and further avoid the occurrence of portable air conditioner disease.

Christmas night, not only alcohol, roses, bank cards in exchange for joy, keep the warmth of the heart, you can also have a special Christmas.

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