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China Mobile launched 2014 room dedicated air conditioning Jicai project

Refrigeration Express reporter recently learned that China Mobile recently launched a 2014 room dedicated air conditioning Jicai project. It is reported that China Mobile is the main collection of wind-cooled room dedicated air-conditioning, requiring energy efficiency should be more than 3.0. According to the cooling capacity is divided into 25kW, 305kW, 405kW, 505kW, 605kW, 705kW, 805kW, 950W0, 100kW total of 9 models, the total purchase of about 3600 units.

According to the Refrigeration Express, China Mobile in the tender clearly pointed out that not only do not accept the applicant to use OEM production methods, but also requires the applicant should provide the full range of tender products, can only provide some models of product bidding is not accepted.
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