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portable air conditioner is not cooling to add ice or be careful youre cheated

Mr. Song home use, is a Galanz 1.5P hanging single-cold portable air conditioner.

According to Mr. Song’s complaint, in July 2014, after moving to his new home, he called 400 re-install telephone repair application, in addition to paying the installation fee, but also pay the purchase of new brass and added the refrigerant , Spent a total of nearly 600 yuan.

“Last summer, I used once, it is also cooling.” This year, I open the portable air conditioner, but also found completely unable to cool. “Mr. Song said, found the problem of portable air conditioner, he once again selected 400 repair telephone, maintenance personnel After seeing the door, said all the brass need to replace all, but also coupled with the refrigerant, and brass and snow are paid items.

“With less than two years of brass, why should replace? Every time I do not refrigeration, I will add the refrigerant, which is why?” And even more angry Mr. Song, according to the maintenance master said , Even if paid to do these two projects, they do not guarantee that portable air conditioner will be able to repair, suggest that he re-purchase a new portable air conditioner.

portable air conditioner is not cooling to add ice or be careful youre cheated

“Look, so two lips up and down touch, repair portable air conditioner becomes a buy portable air conditioner.”

Cottage maintenance point of fluoride is the “line regulation”

Maintenance personnel mouth called “snow”, which is what ordinary people call “fluorine”. Reporter found that in a variety of cottage maintenance, add fluoride almost become a “line regulation.”

Yesterday, the reporter consulted the identity of a consumer printed on a small card on the “special maintenance point”, I heard that the reporter would like to home cooling effect is not ideal portable air conditioner to be a deep cleaning and maintenance, the other to make recommendations, need to give portable air conditioner and fluoride. “We add fluoride is calculated in accordance with the standard pressure on the price of your air – conditioning at least 10 plus pressure, calculate your cheaper points, each pressure 50 yuan, plus a clean, 600 yuan.

Printed on a small card on the “special maintenance point”, in fact, the cottage’s private maintenance point. Each summer is the portable air conditioner maintenance season, these small cards will quietly appear in the corner of the community and even the tenants in front of the house. And each card printed on the “400 repair phone”, are also “Li Gui” phone.

“Snow” is not to be added every year

“‘Snow’ is not so easy to be consumed, it will not expire or deterioration.” A person engaged in portable air conditioner maintenance industry told reporters that the original original portable air conditioner, as long as the portable air conditioner in the installation process is correct, “snow” Can be useful for many years. Only the occurrence of a leak, only need to add “snow.”

As for the cottage maintenance point of a mouth will add “10 pressure”, “12 pressure”, the purpose of exaggeration is to make money. Because, each plus a pressure is usually quoted at fifty or sixty yuan, an air conditioner to fill the fluorine can earn nearly thousand dollars.


dual hose portable air conditioner

portable air conditioner is not cooling may be dirty

The face of portable air conditioner is not cooling, we must first find out the reasons, and sometimes, portable air conditioner for a long time without cleaning, can also lead to portable air conditioner cooling and air problems.

In addition, do not rely on the online search engine to provide after-sales phone, even if the phone is not credible 400, it is best to go to the manufacturer’s official website search service phone, or call the warranty card customer service phone.

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