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changhong portable air conditioner sales growth trend behind the speeding transformation and upgrading is the key

“Snow” is coming, the winter has come. This should be off-season portable air conditioner market, its sales are catching up, contrarian growth, to achieve from the inventory to the sales volume of the magnificent turn, can be described as “off-season is not short.”

According to the home appliance industry data, in October 2016 portable air conditioner industry sales bottomed out, with a total output of 8.31 million units, up 59.4%; sales reached 7.19 million units, an increase of 38.9%. The strong growth in the domestic market, total sales reached 5.06 million units, an increase of 59.0%. Although in October as the temperature dropped, the portable air conditioner industry sales cooling-off period is bound to come, but with the effect from 2015 to inventory gradually beginning to bear fruit, combined with the end of the year, portable air conditioner manufacturers have introduced new products listed, Large promotion activities are also in full swing advance, the number of punches concurrently, so that the sales performance of the most seasonal portable air conditioner industry, playing a beautiful turnaround.

However, taking into account the time to enter the public view of portable air conditioner and its development history, in terms of increasing market share has been faced with the plight of the market is saturated, with rising raw materials, the machine is bringing pressure on prices. In order not to repeat the mistakes in the future, in the moment to upgrade the structural transformation is the portable air conditioner industry’s top priority.

According to Ovid Cloud (AVC) released portable air conditioner market sales of large data show that as of November, smart high-end portable air conditioner sales over the same period compared to a certain degree of rise. With the increase in winter electricity consumption, as well as national policies on energy-saving emission reduction in-depth promotion, if people buy a 12 energy efficiency certification of products, you can enjoy the policy subsidies. Therefore, the intelligent, energy-saving portable air conditioner sales also rose to some extent. Only in the 11 sales season, intelligent portable air conditioner sales accounted for by 13.1% last year, up 11.3%, reaching 24.4%.

Similarly, with the younger consumer groups gradually being the market attention, their buying habits, changes in consumer psychology, will also affect the portable air conditioner industry in the future direction of the overall development. One of the high-end portable air conditioner in the intelligence, aesthetics of the higher requirements, but also different from the early years of this group of consumers an important symbol. This change can also be reflected in the portable air conditioner sales data: in the first 11 months of this year, high-end portable air conditioner in the overall portable air conditioner market share also showed a gradual upward trend, accounting for sales of 15.8%, an increase of 6%.

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Gradually increasing market share, hinted that the high-end portable air conditioner market in the future is still the major portable air conditioner manufacturers must win the battleground.

In the intelligent, high-end portable air conditioner in the field of research and development, Changhong portable air conditioner can be described as a quick step. As early as 2013, Changhong Changhong portable air conditioner Group will be the general direction of the strategic intelligence, intelligent portable air conditioner to proceed with the research and development, and the first in the industry to launch a landmark technology and products. CHiQ smart air conditioners based on the “state of the human state of perception” technology, and CHiQ intelligent air stewards based on “all-weather control technology” and in March 2014 and June 2016 respectively. More intelligent, user-friendly design of the product will be widely introduced by the user’s praise.

From January to July this year, the portable air conditioner industry as a whole sluggish situation, the Changhong air conditioner domestic library grew 15%, retail sales increased 20%, contrarian. At the same time, according to Changhong portable air conditioner (China) Marketing Company General Manager Yang Jun, according to the current 2016 sales data, CHiQ portable air conditioner sales than in previous years has increased significantly, accounting for 20%.

Not only in the traditional portable air conditioner to the intelligent portable air conditioner changes play a pioneer role, Changhong portable air conditioner in efforts to enhance its product technology added value, speed up the portable air conditioner industrial structure change performance can be described as remarkable. In the same general direction under the premise of intelligent, to strengthen the research and development of energy-saving portable air conditioner and promotion. According to the home network understanding, 2016 is Changhong portable air conditioner focus on promoting energy-saving portable air conditioner series of a major node, the first month of this year, they listed a series of nine energy efficiency portable air conditioner. May 2016, Changhong portable air conditioner 27 products won the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, AQSIQ jointly issued by the 2016 energy efficiency “leader” of the title.

changhong portable air conditioner sales growth trend behind the speeding transformation and upgrading is the key

Coincidentally, in the November 20, held in China Household Electrical Technology Conference in 2016, Changhong portable air conditioner with “low-resolution infrared sensor human recognition algorithm research and application” in one fell swoop off the third prize of China’s household electrical appliance scientific and technological progress.

Award-winning behind, in addition to intuitive certainly Changhong portable air conditioner industry leader in the research and development status, it is reflected from the side of the Changhong portable air conditioner products in the process of upgrading its ongoing efforts and unswerving perseverance.

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