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The next decade intelligent portable air conditioning shots

Recalling the history of China portable air conditioners, in the past two decades, the market has undergone enormous changes. “Big reshuffle” is a significant feature of the first decade, the pattern of the brand experienced its first “big earthquake.” The first decade of the 1997 date, Chunlan, Warburg and other established companies due to objective and subjective factors inherent in the aura faded, at the same time, Gree, It, Midea and other rising star quickly rise, an open mind, so that its innovative products gradually acquired the market right to speak until today.

“Mode” is an important factor in the second decade of rapid and healthy development of portable air conditioner brands. Second Decade began in 2007, in turns stimulate industrial policy, market supply and demand caused by the increasing intensification of the portable air conditioner industry thinking and exploration of the traditional marketing model, Portableairconditionerac.com, represented Demand for zero inventory model into the public eye, brings the hot discussion.

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After the “big reshuffle” and “model exam” Chinese portable air conditioner industry to determine the basic “3 + X” brand pattern for years. Alternating cold, Chinese portable airt conditioners industry is about to enter a new cycle, the next decade, who call the shots in the portable air conditioners industry? Undoubtedly, the answer is intelligent portable air conditioner, and no doubt that the development of intelligent portable air conditioner and wisdom home platform will also be a key influence industry structure.

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