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basic knowledge of household portable air conditioner coolers chillers and purchase methods

Compared with the current air-conditioning fan on the market, the chiller is its upgraded version, not only the cooling effect is obvious, and do not add freon, very green. Cold air can be divided into industrial portable air conditioner coolers chillers and household portable air conditioner coolers chillers. Household cold air and air conditioning is different, it is not freon, is the refrigerant is water, is very environmentally friendly. And household cooling fan with a wet curtain as an evaporator household cooling fan effect than the mall in the air conditioning fan is better. The disadvantage is that can not achieve constant temperature, can not make the whole room was cool, the general power of household portable air conditioner coolers chillers for small area of ​​the room. But the air oxygen content is high, will not have air conditioning disease; and energy saving. There are a lot of home on the market portable air conditioner coolers chillers, we may have chosen to spend the eye, the following just like me together to understand the knowledge under the home portable air conditioner coolers bar!

What is a home portable air conditioner coolers

Household portable air conditioner coolers is also called household environmental air conditioning, evaporative cooling fan. No compressor, do not add freon, refrigerant is water, are environmentally friendly energy-saving air-conditioning. It works with circulating water pump uninterrupted water out of the tank, and through the water distribution system evenly sprayed on the evaporation filter layer, the outdoor hot air into the evaporative cooling medium, in the evaporative cooling medium, evaporative cooling medium wet (Special material honeycomb filter layer, so that the cooling effect is more ideal, the Swedish patented high-tech products) and the full heat exchange with water, because of water evaporation and heat-absorbing cooling cool, clean air by low noise fan pressure Into the room.

The characteristics of household portable air conditioner coolers chillers

① less investment, efficiency;

② use of environmental protection can not closed doors and windows;

③ indoor turbidity, sultry and smell the air to replace the air outdoors;

④ less power consumption, electricity consumption per hour in the 0.5 – 0.8 degrees, do not freon;

⑤ each household chiller air supply capacity: 1000-4000 cubic meters per liter;

⑥ each cold cover an area of ​​20 – 40 square meters;

⑦ cooling main parts (wet curtain) imported parts.

How to buy home portable air conditioner coolers chillers

The quality of the equipment itself is qualified

1, to see technology. The reason why the world’s leading German machinery and equipment, precisely because of its sophisticated production technology. Production and processing technology is not only directly reflected in the operation of the product, but also shows an enterprise’s work attitude and work style, advanced equipment and so on. Consumers in the purchase of products, you can see the portable air conditioner coolers of the connection is tight, the use of screws, buttons and other small parts production is delicate, the installation is tight, the contact is good and so on. If the optional portable air conditioner coolers with the most basic parts of these problems, that the quality of internal key components can be imagined.

2, see the parts. Chiller is the precision of the components from the combination, the merits of the parts directly related to the service life of the portable air conditioner coolers and effect. Therefore, to see the main parts of the entire selection process is the most important part. But it is difficult for consumers to accurately identify the general, in the choice of time, you can ask the portable air conditioner coolers sales staff of its products within the components of the brand and so on.

3, look at the appearance. The more the appearance of smooth, beautiful products, the use of the mold the higher the accuracy. Although the appearance of beautiful products is not necessarily high quality, but the high-quality products must look beautiful. So when the purchase, we can touch the cold air blower equipment shell, feeling the existence of rubbing touch the wound, the surface is not smooth, deformation and other phenomena; or the existence of uneven pigment distribution, spots, aerosols, bubbles and other defects; In addition to the use of plastic shell, the stainless steel is also one of the best selection. In today ‘s business environment, a reluctance to spend effort on the appearance of the product, it is impossible to make quality guaranteed products.

Business service system is perfect

basic knowledge of household portable air conditioner coolers chillers and purchase methods

The best products, can not always run trouble-free, good after-sales service is the most effective means of lifting the worries. Although we are in the chiller site is difficult to see the factory after-sales service personnel, but from the salesman who look at the service is a simple and effective method. With independent research and development, production enterprises, and its after-sales service in the technical aspects of the general will not be a problem. Therefore, the attitude is the most important.

A business will be his business philosophy, corporate culture fully implemented into the work of each employee. Lengfeng Ji’s sales staff attitude of enthusiasm, full of energy, wording of professional enterprises, internal management is certainly strict and effective. Similarly, after-sales service personnel must also be timely follow-up services, the quality of the higher.

Brand is well known

Brand is by product quality and manufacturers of the perfect combination of publicity to fight out. At the same time, with strong brand awareness of the manufacturers generally have long-term strategic planning, will not appear today to do this product, tomorrow to eliminate silence phenomenon. Therefore, the purchase of products or brand name priority. If the brand-name products are not guaranteed, then the quality of non-brand-name products even more flattered. portable air conditioner coolers products in the purchase before to pay more attention to the media coverage, evaluation; such as professional magazines, exhibitions, networks, media and so on.

In addition, the cooling fan products must be affixed with the national mandatory certification of the “CCC” signs, without the permission of the chiller products are not allowed in the market circulation. Strict management of enterprises will also be adopted by the ISO9000 series of international quality system certification in general. Experts for the product evaluation, the honor issued by the government departments, etc. can also be taken into account factors. Certification of government agencies, at least that the size of the enterprise in a region-wide recognition, with no comparison of the quality of the enterprise will certainly be much better.

Home portable air conditioner coolers and cold fan difference

inside portable air conditioner

Household cooling fan according to the “evaporation of water evaporation, evaporation area of ​​evaporation efficiency,” the natural physical phenomena, the air through the actual heat transfer area for the surface area of ​​the evaporation of wet curtain, a large number of heat absorption, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling. Air conditioning fan used non-woven material, water storage basin has an ice box, ice box played the role of ice. Before use, the first ice box on the freezer in the refrigerator freezer 2-3 hours, and then freeze the ice box into the storage tank. Play a role in reducing water temperature. And then through the pump to the ice water to the rolling non-woven material, through the rotation of the fan will be on the non-woven ice water atomized blowing, which play a cooling effect.

Household evaporative cooling fan water tank as long as you can add water, without cooling in advance, do not need to add ice. The outlet temperature can still be below room temperature 3-6 degrees, and air conditioning fan must use chilled water or ice water, or no cooling effect. In addition, the home of the evaporative cooling fan of the air volume of more than 1000 cubic meters / hour, while the air conditioning fan air volume is generally only 300-500 cubic meters / hour, home evaporative cooling fan for the application area is greater than air conditioning fan, comfortable feeling more obvious.

Edit Summary: home cooling fan power with the same air-conditioning, according to the type and type of different, of course, the system of large wind power is also large, but also the frequency of power will be different. Ordinary power in 1100W or so. Presumably you want to buy a home portable air conditioner coolers friends know that the buyer with the portable air conditioner coolers in addition to the brand but also from what aspects of the bar. Big brand is the quality and after-sales service protection, is an important reference indicator, but we still have to look at the time of purchase and cost-effective and their own needs.

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