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Bacheng parents underestimate indoor air pollution dirty air-conditioning is a “time bomb”

“Indoor air pollution is 5 to 10 times higher than outdoor air pollution.” Authoritative reports from the WHO show that 70% to 90% of people’s daily activities are indoors, are more likely to be exposed to indoor air pollution, and are more vulnerable to indoor air pollution. Recently, the city’s first school-age children for families of the “indoor air quality awareness and behavior survey,” published nearly eight percent of school-age children visited the parents underestimated the hazards of indoor air pollution, but did not expect long-term dirty portable air conditioner is not clean indoor Air pollution sources.

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s health awareness, indoor air pollution gradually into the people’s vision. But most consumers, especially children, parents focus on PM2.5, interior decoration pollution, ignoring the dirty air-conditioning this invisible “time bomb.” A long time do not clean the portable air conditioner in the end how dirty? In the recent Qingdao Evening News held in conjunction with Haier “into the community free cleaning air-conditioning” activities, a user’s home 7 years without cleaning the portable air conditioner filter deposited 5 mm thick dust, for the presence of all sounded the alarm.

“Indoor air ecology is a cycle of the system, dirty portable air conditioner in the dust with the air in the indoor flow, resulting in secondary pollution alone can not be resolved by the purifier.” Haier portable air conditioner staff told reporters that only two Adults will spend money cleaning portable air conditioner, most people just do it themselves under the filter cleaning, but possession of more bacteria heat exchanger is often overlooked. “Because the heat exchanger inside the air-conditioning, but also fin-shaped, so most people difficult to take care of.” An anonymous air-conditioning sales staff further explained.

Since it is difficult to solve their own heat exchanger cleaning problems, many people think of a professional cleaning. But each additional cost of cleaning costs so that many people are deterred. In this context, to “give yourself a bath,” Haier self-cleaning air-conditioning has attracted the attention of many consumers. It is understood that Haier self-cleaning air conditioner equipped with patented patented cold expansion technology, so that the condensate under the heat exchanger frost formation, each gram of water generated when the ice 960kg / cm2 expansion force, strong stripping heat exchanger dirt , To curb the growth of bacteria inside the portable air conditioner.

Global Children’s Safety Organization experts said that 60% of households believe that outdoor air pollution on children more harm. This misunderstanding is a direct consequence of 5 mm dirty portable air conditioner is ignored, and thus on the respiratory health of children and their families cause hidden dangers. It is reported that the current self-cleaning technology has been applied to the Haier days bottles, Jin platinum and other products, will provide users with a full range of healthy breathing experience.

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