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Autumn decoration season, this new air conditioning a lot of people were grass

Autumn cool, decoration industry is “in full swing.” Autumn is the most suitable decoration of the good season, because of its dry climate, wood sheet is not easy to return to the tide, paint, paint easy to dry, so many friends have chosen to decorate in the fall.

In general, the decoration style to determine the same time, also need to determine in advance appliances, furniture and other products. Especially air conditioning, especially central air conditioning, involving air conditioning pipes, wires and other transformation, to determine the program in advance. Some real estate is more concentrated, air-conditioned outdoor unit location more restrictions. The network on a variety of large V grass grass program endless, the author of this new air-conditioning, but also deeply grass some of the grass.

A drag N design, to create “all terrain” air conditioning

In the impression of many people, home air conditioning preferred wall-mounted, especially in the past affordable housing, living room wall a wall hangers basically “enough”, but with the improvement of living standards, large residential and room pattern Of the diversification, all put forward higher requirements for air conditioning.

Compared with the ordinary air-conditioning, Panasonic ME series of small multi-line is the biggest feature of “a drag N” design, outdoor unit can be connected to more than one indoor unit, to achieve a drag two, one drag three, one drag four flexible multi- Solution, even if the number of outdoor units to limit the number of communities can also be a perfect fit, an outdoor unit for each room can provide a comfortable environment.

arctic pro portable air conditioner

At the same time, Panasonic ME series of small multi-line outdoor unit and each indoor unit independent connection, do not affect each other, when an indoor unit failure, the other indoor unit will not be affected, can still maintain normal operation. The miniaturization of the fuselage and save space to 3.5 models, for example, the outdoor unit body down to 802mm, greatly save the installation space, no longer limited by the size of the space position.

Lobby kitchen exclusive, to create a healthy and fresh environment

In addition to easy installation, flexible features, the Panasonic ME series of small multi-line itself can be used with Panasonic large horsepower air conditioning, so to meet the large size and the use of the kitchen kitchen needs. Now a lot of young people, for the pursuit of open space and the use of open kitchen, although the visual and spatial sense of a lot of comfortable, but the Chinese cooking fried, fried, cooked, fried fumes also caused no small trouble. Restore the room fresh air, a Panasonic large horsepower air conditioning can be easily done.

Autumn decoration season, this new air conditioning a lot of people were grass

Panasonic large horsepower air conditioning equipped with Panasonic original double-rotor compressor and large diameter fan, can achieve long-distance concentration of air. In addition, 8 kinds of comfortable air supply mode with Panasonic’s advanced dual-ion purification technology, through nanoe-G nano-nanoe nano-water ion double protection, the effective removal of air floating PM2.5, inhibition of microbial activity, and even penetrate into Furniture, sofas, curtains, clothes and other fiber internal inhibition of bacteria activity, all-round purification micro-environment, enjoy healthy breathing.

Home carrying the love and responsibility of the family, when one day to win the key to the new house, wandering heart will settle down. Since the choice of life, it is better to let the common home more comfortable it.

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