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April air conditioning domestic sales strong export situation is complex

Refrigeration Express: According to industry online April home air conditioning scheduling statistics, most of the domestic sales year on year growth, exports are declining. The export market is currently Asia-Pacific performance is still acceptable, other regions, North American stocks larger, Europe stabilized, the domestic market is relatively hot, the domestic market is relatively hot, Latin America and other emerging markets by the economic and political environment and other factors, the slowdown or decline in the growth trend.

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Part of the industry feedback: domestic enterprises can share a certain share, we can survive; export competition on the fierce, and now the market is not good, it is intensified, the strength of strong enterprises for a few orders, split machine The overall decline in demand, mobile air conditioning, dehumidifier has increased, but the overall stabilization, intense competition, orders in the United States and several other businesses. Quotes so, in the export market, many companies in April export confidence, production plans lower … …

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