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antarctic light with haier central portable air conditioner footprints

Invercargill, this is only a few free exercise enthusiasts know.

Its name is Invercargill, which is the southernmost city in New Zealand and even Oceania, across the Antarctic continent.

New Zealand’s southernmost city, Invercargill

Aurora, Penguin, New Zealand, the end of Highway 1, the world’s southernmost Starbucks, are travelers to this purpose. From now on, this is known as the “Pure Land” city with Haier central portable air conditioner mark. The industry’s smallest footprint, environmental protection and energy saving Haier water-cooled central portable air conditioner unit will be stationed here on July 5 high-end resort resort.

Invercargill has a snow-capped mountain, awe-inspiring glaciers and fjords, pristine rivers, waterfalls, geothermal wonders, and lush green fields and flocks of sheep. “Lord of the Rings”, “Hobbit”, “Chronicles of Narnia” and other fantasy productions are here shooting. And this Antarctic Pure Land of the natural environment in harmony, is to the central portable air conditioner energy products that the primary test. And in New Zealand, energy efficiency and conservation are included in the law, energy efficiency limit is the highest international threshold. Haier won the bid for the water-cooled unit R410a environmentally friendly refrigerant, compared to the original R407C products more environmentally friendly, refrigeration energy efficiency up to 3.39, heat recovery mode, the overall performance coefficient of 8.28, fully fit the user’s energy needs.

Located in Invercargill’s upscale resort, Observatory Village

Most of those who come to the Observatory Village are retired guests, up to 900-1500 US dollars per week, is a high-end resort resort. The original use of a foreign brand R22 refrigerant water-cooled unit, due to high maintenance costs and consider the replacement. Their central portable air conditioner product stability, noise level and even the unit size and aesthetics have stringent standards, which the product suppliers, after-sales and technical professional have very high requirements.

In May this year, Australia’s largest refrigeration exhibition (ARBS), the Haier central portable air conditioner products debut in Australia for the first time. Observatory Village portable air conditioner buyers here met Haier central portable air conditioner water cooling unit. In the process of communication, buyers understand the Haier module water cooling unit product structure is extremely compact, is the industry’s smallest footprint, single module covers an area of ​​only 1.56 square meters, 28% lower than the original; its -25 ℃ ultra-low temperature heating Function, making New Zealand even in the face of arctic weather can guarantee a stable 24-hour operation. And through the whole heat recovery module can give this resort to provide free hot water.

dual exhaust portable air conditioner

May 2016, Haier central portable air conditioner products debut the entire Department of the Australian Refrigeration Exhibition (ARBS)

Not only is the product characteristics caused by the interest of buyers, Haier in the field of global energy efficiency building also received their recognition. From the northwest of China, the total cost of more than 100 million yuan of the Hamid Baonong magnetic levitation centrifuge large single to the southern tip of Shenzhen, red shantytowns in Shenzhen, Haier central portable air conditioner figure, while in the world, China’s only export magnetic levitation center portable air conditioner brand is Haier, has been stationed in Australia, the European Union, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the four regions; from France to Brazil, from Russia to New Zealand, Haier central portable air conditioner has covered the global market, the product sells more than 100 countries and regions.

Haier central air – conditioning water – cooled unit

antarctic light with haier central portable air conditioner footprints

New Zealand buyers in the ARBS site immediately ordered a Haier water cooling unit.

Product Manager told them that Haier central portable air conditioner specifically for the global building energy-saving customized modular products. Whether the air-cooled module, water-cooled module, or modular magnetic levitation centrifuge, the use of innovative combination of modules, without disrupting the dismantling of the old engine room, direct single-module unit portfolio; and installation versatility, can be directly connected to other brands Of the pipe and the end: it all points to a point – to save money.

Observatory Village official said, “the final choice of Haier, in addition to the product itself in line with our standards, Haier in Australia and the cooperation of Fisher & Paykel, Haier brand awareness so that we have a more in-depth understanding!” This is their In June and ordered an additional one of the reasons for the three.

Even Haier central portable air conditioner began to provide air services for the Observatory Village, thousands of visitors to the beautiful southern city of Invercargill, those who come to the Observatory Village holidays, should also rarely know the existence of Haier central portable air conditioner. The head of Haier Australia says this is exactly what they want – to live in harmony with nature, to relieve the burden of the green planet and make the air more comfortable in every space.

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