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Air conditioning transfer machine risk non-professionals do not act without authorization

In the north of the motherland, with the cooler weather, air conditioning has gradually stopped using, however, in the south of the Yangtze River, the heat is not cleared, the use of air conditioning is inevitable. Some users in the use of air conditioning process, according to the actual needs of the air conditioning to the appropriate movement. So the problem came, many consumers in the self-looking workers after the transfer machine, the air conditioner does not cool or even explosion and other issues.

June 8, 2015, Mr. Mao through the decoration workers will be an air conditioning moved to Xianning Beiyuan Mao father’s home, the results just installed, open less than 2 minutes, the outdoor unit suddenly exploded, debris flew to the opposite side of the fourth floor balcony , But fortunately did not cause casualties.

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In April, Mr. Zhao new home decoration is completed, taking into account the old home air conditioning to buy less than three years, they decided to move the old air to the new home to continue to use. Just decoration of the electrician has not withdrawn, and air conditioning transfer machine is not what technology live, Mr. Zhao will spend 50 yuan to move the old air conditioning to the new home. Recently, air conditioning is not cooling phenomenon.

January 21, Qi Bin District, Ms. Cai in the move to spend 200 yuan to triple Gree air conditioning store please help the transfer machine master. Did not expect air conditioning machine can not be used after the normal machine, as long as a boot home trip.

Air conditioning is not a one-time installation can no longer move the electrical appliances, that is, air conditioning can be transferred machine, the key is to move the machine than the new installation of air conditioning difficulty coefficient, which requires the installation of workers with a higher level of technology. Xiaobian below to introduce some of the air conditioning machine transfer method steps and precautions.

1, first of all to test the air conditioner in the machine before the function of the work is normal.

2, recovery of refrigerant, remove the indoor and outdoor cable. It is best to make the mark at both ends of the cable, it will not appear in the installation of the connection line will cause the possibility of failure.

3, in the external machine handling, installation process, can not flip, tilt angle is too large, should not grasp the cut off the valve lift.

4, the terminal or other wiring where there is a loose phenomenon, to prevent the occurrence of ignition or other hidden danger, whether the phenomenon of aging of the wire, if the aging must be such as to replace.

5, the old air conditioner can not be restarted within 3 minutes after the shutdown, or easy to burn the compressor. The new air conditioner has a circuit that prevents rebooting within 3 minutes, and the compressor does not work even if it is restarted within 3 minutes.

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