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Air conditioning long time idle do not need to set dust cover it?

With the air conditioning prices more affordable, and now almost every household are equipped with air conditioning, but the use of air conditioning in the course of a certain number of users will not use the situation. Especially when the air conditioning is not used, do not know how to deal with non-working air conditioning, many people have heard that there are air-conditioning dust cover, it is curious about this? Can air conditioning cover dust cover when you can start work? Next to give you a detailed description of what is the air-conditioning dust cover and air conditioning needs a dust cover? Help everyone use air conditioning properly.

Air conditioning hood is in the air conditioning without air conditioning in the season to protect the air conditioning shell, slow down the shell rust oxidation. To some extent, you can give air conditioning to play a certain role in maintenance, beautiful air conditioning cover can also decorate the home, looks more warm.

Air conditioning outdoor unit due to years of hanging in the outdoors, subject to sun and rain, dust erosion, easy to rust and dust blocking, affecting the normal life of air conditioning. If the protection is bad, dust also into the exhaust aluminum sheet or motor and external machine, block the normal operation of components, behind the aluminum if the fouling serious, will lead to poor heat. Outdoor air-conditioning cover is to protect the air-conditioning outdoor unit and cover the air conditioning machine, on the other hand, you can beautify the residential real estate, beautify the appearance of building buildings.

Although the outdoor host dust cover has some benefits, but we do not have time to install it? The answer is not necessary, the following to help you analyze:

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First of all, air conditioning in the summer when almost need to run regularly, dust cover this time need to win and cover, very troublesome, and sometimes if you forget to remove the dust cover to run air conditioning, easy to damage the internal parts of air conditioning, The

In addition, the current air-conditioning technology, it is the use of a special process of steel production, itself can be dust and water, the installation of a dust cover does not work much.
There are some air conditioning outside the location of the equipment is relatively high or outside the wall, simply can not install dust cover, when installed dust cover when there will be some security risks, in case of problems, the consequences could be disastrous.
Installation of air conditioning teacher to tell you: in the air conditioning machine plus dust cover, there is no role and inconvenient things, air conditioning is not a handicraft, it is consumables, we only need to use it correctly, the normal life can still get Protection, and do not need to add dust cover.

If you still do not want to let the air conditioning machine outside the sun and rain, then the master suggested that you can do so, in the air conditioning long-term use of some of the season, such as winter fall, we can still install dust cover outside the air conditioning machine , Until the next year when the dust cover removed, but we installed dust cover when the special need to pay attention to safety, especially in high-level users, the risk factor is relatively high, really no need to install the outdoor machine dust cover.

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