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Air conditioning industry into the Warring States period seven male hegemony pattern early

Domestic air-conditioning industry is highly competitive, has entered the “Warring States Period.”

From 2013, Ovid Information (AVC) on the country’s 643 cities about 4209 stores retail sales point of view, Gree, the United States, Haier, Zhigao, Hisense, Oaks, Kelon, TCL seven domestic brands air conditioning in the retail share, Retail sales and other indicators on the long-term front, a “Warring States seven male.”

Air conditioning industry: from the melee into the tug of war

Familiar with the history of air conditioning industry, industry insiders should know that in 2000 China’s air-conditioning brand about 400, in 2003 dropped to 140 or so, in 2004 the market is only about 50 active brands … … now, consumers focus on the purchase of air-conditioning brand Has less than 10.

More than ten years, air conditioning brand out of the rate of 95% or more, reflecting the airlift industry brutal jungle rule – the survival of the fittest, the law of the jungle.

When the air conditioning competition into a red sea, no one business will feel safe. Even the air conditioning industry, “boss”, aim at a hundred years of Gree electrical appliances, but also have been exceeded or even eliminated. To know that the world’s oldest enterprise – Japan Osaka City Temple Shrine Construction Enterprise King Kong Group has existed for 1435 years, also once in 2006 bankruptcy.

Survey shows that the tragic competition in the air conditioning industry comes from behind the endless price war. In the 90s of last century, due to the huge potential consumption of air conditioning, coupled with low barriers to entry, companies have launched air-conditioning production lines, showing a variety of princes disputes constantly, the market brand extremely chaotic pattern. Correspondingly, the problem of overpressancy in air conditioning is also highlighted. To seize the market and digest the inventory, companies play a price war.

Among them, Gree, the United States as the representative of the mainstream manufacturers, with the scale, technology and other advantages to speed up the industry reshuffle, laid the dominant market position. According to the Matthew effect, the better the better, the worse the worse, the remaining air conditioning brand of course become the biggest beneficiaries.

However, the industry pointed out that the air conditioning market this cake is limited. With the air-conditioning brand “seven male hegemony” pattern of the formation of the major brand enterprises to seize more market share, but also continue to come together, such as sending business spy peep rival intelligence, and foreign joint ventures, , To start a protracted tug of war.

“Competing mode” to face the external sniper

It is worth mentioning that, when the domestic air-conditioning enterprises to flex its muscles, a group of foreigners invaded the domestic air-conditioning market, so that competition between air-conditioning enterprises added numerous variables.

Airline first-line market can be found, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Daikin, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Hitachi, LG, Samsung, Electrolux, Sanyo, Whirlpool and other foreign brands air conditioning with “world famous brand” influence and product technology reputation , Is a step by step, eroded China’s largest air-conditioning consumer market. In particular, Mitsubishi Electric, led by Japanese air-conditioning manufacturers firmly hold the Chinese air-conditioning market, foreign brands market.

In order to deal with the external sniper, the domestic air-conditioning business to continue to compete with the price war can only be a dead end, have begun to adjust their own strategy, from the life of my pure competition model to “competing mode”, that is, coexistence of competition and cooperation model.

Among them, the shock of the global air-conditioning industry was undoubtedly Zhuhai Gree Electric and Japan’s Daikin Industrial Co., Ltd. cooperation. In 2009, the two largest professional air-conditioning companies in the world held a global strategic conference, jointly funded the establishment of compressor electronic control plant and precision molds factory, they are Gree holding, mainly in the direction of frequency conversion technology. Which makes Gree in the domestic inverter air conditioner market development on the leading step, while it is conducive to ease the economic crisis and market demand to the enterprise to bring the double pressure.

Coincidentally, the same as the United States into a win-win cooperation win-win way. April 1985 the establishment of the United States, “the United States and air-conditioning plant,” China’s first air-conditioning production line to become one of the enterprises. At that time, its founder He Xiangjian pointed out that “do not compete with the domestic competition, out of the country into the market.” Under the guidance of this strategy, the United States invested heavily in foreign advanced technology and equipment, self-development and production of a separate series of air-conditioning. July 2008, the United States and the world’s leading air-conditioning manufacturer Kai Li joint venture to set up the “US Carrier Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.”, the production of household and light commercial air conditioning. Through nearly 30 years of development, the US air-conditioning has embarked on the forefront of international road.

Unless otherwise, TCL air conditioning can become “the fastest growing air conditioning industry brand”, the product covers 129 countries and regions, but also inseparable from cooperation with foreign investment. In 2001, TCL Group and Taiwan’s new treasure group under the Swiss-shen Seiki, Huizhou in the establishment of compressor plant, not only to meet their own needs, but also a large number sold to the United States and Europe. In 2005, TCL air-conditioning and Italy Delong Group joint venture to build the world’s largest mobile air conditioning and dehumidifier production base … … a lot of cooperation so that “halfway debut” TCL air conditioning successfully among the top seven in the country.

It can be said that cooperation in China’s air-conditioning enterprises in the international market more competitive.

Diversification of competition to product competition as the core

An air conditioning industry insiders pointed out that the competition of air-conditioning products from a single competition to diversify competition. Product quality, price, after-sales service, etc. together around the choice of consumers. In fact, many air-conditioning companies have long been aware of the added value of air-conditioning, however, some of them have been astray.

“Although air conditioning is said to be ‘one-third of the quality, seven install’, but in fact, the quality of the product is the core of competition.” The air conditioning industry insiders pointed out.

And support him this view, the most convincing business is TCL air conditioning. As we all know, TCL air conditioning is TCL Group “white to black” under the four pillar industries, was established in 1999, the time relative to several other well-known air-conditioning business behind more than ten years. However, it shaped the “titanium” concept, but in one fell swoop laid its unique position in the air conditioning market.

alen portable air conditioner

More than this, TCL air conditioning in the product innovation as obvious to all. 2017 cold years, TCL air conditioning launched the Athenian, My cool, titanium static, titanium cool, ace hot tyrants five series air conditioning; 2013 cold years, TCL air conditioning has launched a dream to enjoy, dream, dream three dream series air conditioning, the first Completed the new inverter air conditioner energy efficiency standard (APF) switch. The relevant person in charge said, TCL air conditioning is the current stage of upgrading the existing production line to frequency technology to replace the high-power electric heating, to expand the production scale of heat pump inverter air conditioner, and then to achieve comprehensive improvement of energy efficiency standards for inverter air conditioner.

There is no doubt that the leading Gree, the United States, Haier, Zhi Gao, Hisense, Oaks, Kelon and other six brands of air conditioning is also a product as the core competitiveness. The United States of the “one night once” air conditioning, Hisense Apple sent A8 inverter air conditioner, high-air air-conditioning, “once to dawn” Oaks Bo Yue series of air conditioning and so on are based on the quality of the product, rather than advertising marketing. One of the most representative is the beauty of the “one night once” air conditioning, after its advent was once questioned, but still based on the cusp on top of the waves, but also lies in its fear of testing the product technology.

It can be said that it is the air conditioning enterprises to product innovation as a fundamental basis for the market, only to create the current air-conditioning “seven male hegemony” pattern. Of course, this pattern will never be the same. Leading companies to keep the existing market position, ambitious companies will not be willing to lag behind. For example, TCL air conditioning to strive to break through sales in 2015 6.5 million sets, advance the top five. This means that the 2014 air conditioning market is not calm. Seven male hegemony in the end who died, wait and see.

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