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Air conditioning and bionic encounter collision wonderful spark to see the latest experts in the latest research results

At present, air conditioning is already essential household appliances. Whether it is summer or winter, as long as the remote control gently press, hot and cold will be dispersed. However, the high energy consumption of air conditioning, poor comfort and other issues have been plagued the vast number of refrigeration and air conditioning in the field of scientists and engineers, but also makes the people did not really feel the air conditioning to bring comfort to life.

Bionics is an ancient and young discipline that studies the structure of the organism and the principle of functional work, and invents new equipment and tools based on these principles to create advanced techniques for production, learning and life. So, when the refrigeration air conditioning encounter bionic learn how to hit the spark? October 20 to 22, by the Zhejiang University of Ningbo Institute of Technology 2017 China Engineering Thermophysics Society of Engineering Thermodynamics and Energy Utilization Conference and the National Natural Science Fund Project Progress Conference (CSET2017), from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Wang Rulu Professors and their team introduced their latest research on biomedical efficient air conditioning.

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In improving the air-conditioning energy efficiency ratio, imitation cactus and beetle body surface acupuncture and hydrophobic groove both the structure, developed with a special surface structure of the air conditioning heat exchanger, to strengthen the refrigerant and external air heat; by the human body The fractal structure of blood vessels reduces the flow resistance of blood, the human skin through sweating to reduce the heat dissipation of the inspiration, the desiccant dehumidification and steam compression refrigeration for organic combination, without increasing the air conditioning system volume and to ensure the comfort of the premise of air supply , So that ordinary household air conditioning energy efficiency doubled.

In terms of improving indoor comfort, a bionic passive air conditioning system has been proposed to construct a wall similar to the human skin and to deliver moisture from the humid air into the room. At the same time, the development of integrated human physiological parameters (surface temperature / humidity, blood flow velocity, etc.), environmental parameters (indoor temperature / humidity) collection, transmission and control as one of the wearing equipment to achieve based on human thermal comfort intelligent air conditioning control system The

From the country, including the academician, the Yangtze River scholar, contact youth fund winners, famous professors and other nearly 600 representatives to listen to the report.

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