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advanced solid production daikin portable air conditioner quality assurance

Daikin is the world’s portable air conditioner, refrigerant, compressor research and development, production, sales and service as one of the specialized multinational companies, with strong product development and production capacity. Daikin has established 19 production bases in China since 1995, and has implemented a global unified management system of “lean production” and “global homogeneity”, which greatly guarantees the high quality of portable air conditioner products. Daikin products in China not only meet the needs of the Chinese market, but also exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Japan and other countries.

Solid product quality management

Daikin portable air conditioner in China, all production bases have adopted the ISO 9001 quality certification system. Whether from the raw materials, spare parts storage inspection, production process for each step of the process of inspection, audit and confirmation, or portable air conditioner assembly and performance testing of finished products, Daikin are strict quality requirements.

In addition, Daikin Group has developed a Green Procurement Guide, in addition to requiring suppliers to establish their own environmental management system and to ensure that their procurement of raw materials is high quality, environmental protection, we will further carry out the evaluation of suppliers and on-site investigation Supervision, and promote the improvement of green procurement, product quality control to achieve 360-degree management.

advanced solid production daikin portable air conditioner quality assurance

Advanced production process management

How the user needs the product in the time required to provide the necessary number of users, the evolution of Daikin production system can make it a reality. Daikin portable air conditioner through the manufacturing process is easy to visualize the problems in the production process for each position of the workers before induction training and continuous reminder after the job, continue to solve the problem of improvement activities to achieve the high product Efficient production and high quality.

Daikin efficient use of rational allocation of automated production equipment, in the same assembly line “small quantities, more varieties” mixed production. Which is different from the past mass production, inventory backlog of production methods, the fastest available to the user to install, as soon as possible to enjoy the Daikin portable air conditioner To bring the comfort.

Skills development of production staff

In order to promote the concept of quality first, and promote technology transfer, Daikin from the Group, various countries and the production of the three levels between the factory regularly held competitions, skills from the contest stand out outstanding employees, will become the production base and even Global recognition of the advanced technical guidance, to assume responsibility for teaching staff to the production base of the task, to ensure that each technical position of the DNA heritage.

From the first line of production base selection of technical personnel, to the “brazing”, “arc welding”, “general lathe”, “sheet metal processing” and other skills challenge challenge through the competition staff to ensure that Daikin portable air conditioner products the quality of.

boat portable air conditioner

As a professional air-conditioner company with worldwide reputation, Daikin regards “manufacturing spirit” as the basis of its business and aims at satisfying customers’ needs. It implements meticulous quality management system and efficient production management system. Through the management of product quality, production process management and production skills to promote the promotion of staff and other means to promote the implementation of sustainable, Daikin is committed to each and every user to provide more quality portable air conditioner products.

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