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A variety of air – conditioning energy – saving technology to improve the efficiency of mobile room cooling

With the rapid development of China’s mobile industry, the scale of mobile communication network continues to expand, the mobile enterprise’s electricity costs are constantly on the long. As a mobile enterprise operator, energy conservation work is mainly energy savings. The overall direction of the energy efficiency of the room is the engine room environment. Focus on air conditioning energy saving. According to the refrigeration Express reporter learned from a technical point of view. Mainly include the following aspects:

First, the frequency conversion technology is a widely used motor energy saving technology. The use of frequency conversion technology on the one hand to reduce the loss of the switch on the other hand to improve the low-frequency operation of the energy efficiency. In the air conditioning industry, a variety of energy-saving technology applications, frequency conversion technology is effective and mature technology. At present, the inverter technology has been very mature in the market there are many domestic and foreign brands of the inverter, which for the frequency control energy saving provides a sufficient technical and material basis. Inverter has been widely used in various sectors of the national economy.

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Second, the room dedicated air conditioning adaptive control energy-saving technology. According to the room air-conditioning only use the local return air sensor temperature and humidity values, as the data sampling reference point, can not monitor the entire room plane of the real environment temperature and humidity data, the accuracy is not enough defects. Focusing on the engine room dedicated air conditioning system combination of integrated control capabilities and the engine room air flow optimization. By summing up the experience and theoretical analysis in practical use, the mathematical model established by computer temperature simulation is used. To achieve the best reasonable control configuration. Room air conditioning adaptive constant temperature and humidity control energy-saving monitoring system installation and construction of simple and convenient, no change in the structure of the engine room. Does not affect the original air conditioning system structure. With safety and reliability. After the daily maintenance work is also simple and convenient.

Third, chillers air conditioning water treatment. In the chiller, the scale, corrosion and moss of the water mains in the water system have a great influence on the refrigeration system. But also an important reason for high energy consumption of air conditioning, regular water treatment of air conditioning water system is to reduce consumption and improve the efficiency of air conditioning system, a method.

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