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What are the uses of basement ventilation?

Basement air is generally more dirty and very humid, in the summer to meet the air humidity is high, in the basement cooler place condensation, such as the floor, on the ceiling, there will be a layer of water. So it is necessary to install the exhaust fan or blower, blower and exhaust fan in the general business is also called the new fan.

Ventilator (also known as the new fan): the basement of the air to the outdoors, the basement formed a negative pressure, upstairs and outdoor air and then into the basement.

Fan and exhaust fan is universal, positive installation is the air supply, the opposite direction of the installation is exhaust, its role the same.

Blower (also known as the new fan): the outdoor air into the basement, the basement to form a positive pressure, the basement of the outdoor air to the outflow or outflow.

Fresh air ventilator (energy recovery function): In addition to including an exhaust fan and a blower, must also contain energy recovery function (heat recovery device). The blower is working at the same time, the exhaust fan is also working, and the energy in the air (summer cold, or winter heat) recovered back to the basement to send the new air, so more energy saving, lower usage fee.

Basement ventilation equipment advantages:
● easy to install the design to ensure the installation is simple and diverse forms.
● Fully enclosed motor energy-saving exemption for your life, no worries.
● Humidity regulator, according to the air, humidity changes in the environment automatically adjust the operation.
● According to the requirements of different ventilation, through the variable speed control and start the bypass function so that comfortable outdoor air into the room, saving energy.
● Efficient close to 72% of the total heat recovery efficiency with minimal energy consumption to meet the best indoor air quality.
● metal paint shell to change the traditional plastic shell texture, improve the appearance and durability and security.
● The latest airflow automatic balance control design allows you to indoor fresh air continuously.

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