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6 18 gree portable air conditioner jingdong daily sales of almost 400 million

6 18, Gree portable air conditioner sales in Jingdong almost equal to 400 million yuan, becoming the best-selling brand of portable air conditioner.

Gree Beijing Dongkai soon, its portable air conditioner products, “Park”, “intellectual enjoyment”, “Run enjoy”, “Q platinum” and other models sold gratifying. According to statistics, on June 18 the same day, Gree Jingdong set a single category of portable air conditioner sales of nearly 400 million yuan of good results, with the actual data again wrote the myth of Gree portable air conditioner!

6 18 gree portable air conditioner jingdong daily sales of almost 400 million

As we all know, June 18 is the entire Jingdong “6.18 Quality Carnival” activities offer the greatest intensity, to participate in the brand up to the day, the day of sales has been the focus of attention of consumers and businesses. One day nearly 400 million portable air conditioner sales of a single product, so that the “6.18 Quality Carnival” portable air conditioner category deserved crownless king, so impressive sales Gree Gree as a huge concessions, but also from the Gree portable air conditioner has always been hard quality And good reputation.

In the minds of many consumers, Gree is made of high-quality representative of China. To a preferential price, to buy high-quality made in China, “good portable air conditioner”, fit the vast majority of consumers desire “inexpensive” ultimate shopping needs.

With the quality of quality and good reputation, Gree Jingdong flagship store since 6.18 activities began to bloom steadily, highlights a lot: June 1, 2, two days time, Gree sales in the Jingdong platform of 100 million yuan; 6.16 Gree Jingdong brand date, Gree Jingdong open sale soon, single-day sales of up to 10163 million portable air conditioner, successfully break through 100 million mark … …

This year the first Jingdong 6.18 “online shopping carnival” changed its name to “quality carnival” to “quality carnival” as the core concept, which Gree has been working to make more consumers at preferential prices to buy quality products coincide.

“This is my first time to participate in the activities of channel partners, the event attracted me is the ‘quality’ word, this is the basis of cooperation between Gree and Jingdong tacit understanding.” Gree chairman Dong Mingzhu attended 6.18 Carnival Section of the conference.

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Consistent quality, in-depth popular brand, the success of the results, Gree Jingdong 6.18 achieved results should be.

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