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2018 cold years of the domestic air conditioning market spindle

Into the 2018 cold years after the domestic air-conditioning market in the early boom of the shipping market is not the slightest signs of weakening, although the retail market has no peak season of the blowout state, but the abundant channel resources and circulation of high-pitched hoarding enthusiasm is still to the factory source Continue to send a wealth of orders. So the hot shipping market so that many parts companies are overwhelmed in the next few months to do when the production planning is trembling, the current shipping situation has exceeded the expectations of many companies, perhaps, most manufacturers of the domestic market Large-scale awareness is still just before the year 2017.

However, under the spectacle of concern is not unfounded, experienced a year and a half before the huge amount of inventory troubled air-conditioning business can not play down the pain of scraping bone healing. In sharp contrast to this is precisely because of cautious and missed 2017 annual market under the rich opportunities for many manufacturers is difficult to let go. Air conditioning market in the last two years of ups and downs, making the air conditioning business in the suffering of the difficulties between the stability.

Even the radical companies are in fact aware that the high growth in sales volume is only the amount of inventory, retail sales growth is far behind the increase in shipments, so the trend of the late end of the market will determine the current How long will the high-growth shipping market last? The rate of digestion of the product during the coming season also determines whether the stock will be a reincarnation, and this will be one of the main shafts of the 2018 annual air conditioner market.

Production and marketing model changes and the attention of the system under the line, will be in the next year to interspersed with more brilliant picture, whether it is “T +3” or diligent fast sales, or zero inventory for immediate mode, Almost all of the terminal wall as a product of the flow of traction, so that all the channel resources are tilted to the terminal, the user-oriented thinking under the terminal has become the air conditioning industry, the source of information. At the same time, after several years of rapid growth in the electricity business platform, the online field has achieved a solid position to regain the line system, and in the consolidation of the line under the channel of many brands put the line as a One of the strategic center, two lines of commercial competition filled with invisible smoke, the construction and expansion of the business system is the most direct way to achieve self-breakthrough, and even affect the pattern of changes in the brand, which also let the cold air-conditioning market in 2018 Full of surprise and expectation.

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Brand promotion competition is one of the main axis of the market next year. Today, the brand of air conditioning industry to promote the consumer market and the industry as if it is a field of visual feast, scene, young, light luxury, interactive brand promotion program refreshing, no longer blunt cold brand Publicity, is no longer a monotonous general brand indoctrination, even if it is a simple promotional activities, are full of fun and style. Air conditioning companies are fully embracing the Internet and the younger generation of consumer users, fresh and stylish, fun brand promotion and interactive activities, rendering a new brand promotion era.

The long-term out-of-stock market in 2017 changed the supply and demand of the market. The stage seller’s market strengthened the price rigidity of the air conditioning market, and the rise in the cost of various materials pushed up the price system, especially the air-conditioning factory collective products Structure upgrade, so that the product will continue to move up when the focus also boost the average price rise. At the end of 2017 and early 2018, the industry once again appeared in a wave of price increases, material costs and strict environmental initiatives is one of the direct reasons.

Although Gree and the United States as the representative of the leading brand of high pricing strategy, to the air conditioning industry, the maintenance of the ecological circle has played a positive role, but the price trend from the nature of the role is still the relationship between supply and demand, next year’s season price trend decision The demand for the market itself, when the rate of demand is significantly lower than the current rate of increase in inventory, then the stage, local radical price competition may become widely used. Around the price of the spindle strategy development and market operations, will also determine the survival of many air conditioning business development situation.

Is the overall market size in 2017 on the basis of consolidation, or return to the early cycle of the platform, or copy the 2017 annual broad market growth, it seems that everything is confusing. Domestic air conditioning market development so far, there have been no three consecutive years of bumper harvest market, 2016 and 2017 market are offered a feast, and see whether the 2018 year to create a new history.

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